151 Patterns of Corruption

    Chapter 151: Patterns of Corruption

    The cerebral dura was perfectly preserved due to Gu Jun's careful handiwork. Therefore, the interior of that abnormal scalp could be seen clearly. On the surface of the bone, there were many small and crowded scratches. It was as if someone had carved them there.

    'Is it some kind of picture or language?' Gu Jun took the scalp from Cai Zixuan. He looked at it with a frown before giving it a quick swipe. "These are not carved onto here. They are caused by bone deformities."

    "This couldn't be the result of natural bone erosion..."

    "Bone erosion is caused by the loss of bone density, but the bone density of that corpse is much higher than a normal human being."

    "Secondary hyperparathyroidism can cause thickening of the skull through hardening of bone cells, so irregular erosion has been recorded in the past..."

    The sound of discussion pervaded the conference room at the headquarters. Some were arguing noisily while others were quiet with their own thoughts. Xiao Huiwen's heart sank. No matter how serious secondary hyperparathyroidism got, it would not cause symptoms as severe and as eerie as those found in the zombie corpse. The deeper they ventured into these abnormal creatures, the more they realized how little they knew about them. This was not a good sign.

    It was an Arabic number, 176! It was situated right in the middle of the brain.

    "Is that a number?" Uncle Dan gasped in shock. "Wait, is that the number we've been looking for‽"

    "Do not look at it!" Gu Jun shouted urgently as he moved the brain to the side, burying it away from Cai Zixuan and Wang Ruoxiang's sight. This number was most likely a part of the Nightmare Illness, so the more they knew about it, the deeper their connection would be to the Nightmare Illness and the easier they would be infected. With her sense tingling, Wu Siyu stood up from her couch and walked over. She was ready to provide mental support for Gu Jun.

    "The same goes to you." Seeing her walk over, Gu Jun demanded that she stop. He then pushed the brain closer to the cameras. This was currently the only thing that they could understand, a number. Inside that nightmare, Ol' Uncle Dog had not revealed a new number to any of the new batches of patients-a number that would suggest the longitude of his coordinates. Now, Gu Jun wondered if the reason was that Ol' Uncle Dog himself did not have that information because the information was stored somewhere else, like inside the brains of other zombies. After all, Ol' Uncle Dog might not be the only zombie behind the pathogenesis of the Nightmare Illness.

    The atmosphere at the Eastern State command center and headquarters boiled from this discovery. No one expected a breakthrough would come like this.

    "176!" Yao Sinian had his people move into action. "Try this as the longitude."

    Even though it was not a complete set of numbers, if this was truly the longitude marker of that small island, they would be able to narrow it down to a very small part of the map. The emergency unit immediately combined this latest discovery with the previous northern latitude of 74°31′12″. The triangulation put them at a spot near the Chukchi Sea of the Arctic Ocean.

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    However, when they turned to the satellite images, they frowned. Phecda had not paid attention to this location before because it was barren. There was no island, not even a cluster of reefs. Occasionally, there might be sleets of iceberg during the winter climate. So, how could the mysterious island be situated there?
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