158 Dream World and Waking World

    Chapter 158: Dream World and Waking World

    By then, the sun had set, and night was coming. Gu Jun turned to the final entry on the watcher's diary. Beyond that were 150 blank pages.

    Jumping down from the surface into the hole... didn't that match the patients of Nightmare Illness' desire to commit suicide through jumping from high ground?

    "Those are not simple suicide attempts."

    It then dawned on Gu Jun. Even though the victims of Nightmare Illness on Earth did not transmute instantly into zombies, they met the same end. Their mind or soul would travel or get sucked into 'that world'. That was the reason their dead bodies were nothing but empty shells. Then there was that incident with Chen Defa... When the old man knew he was cornered, Gu Jun could feel the zombie's soul relinquishing its corporeal body. Did that mean that Chen Defa had returned to that world as well?

    The realization that zombies had the ability to cross between these two worlds freely was not a comforting thought.

    "Mr. Chandler smiled that gentlemanly smile of his, and he responded kindly, 'You have guarded me for half a month now. Consider this payment for your service'."

    The illusion ended as suddenly as it came. Gu Jun sucked in a deep breath. He could feel his heart wrench, but it was not as painful as before. He felt his body returning to normal after a few deep breaths. That probably had to do with his newly acquired ability and the fact that the illusion wasn't that intense or long.

    'Spell?' He looked at the sky that was turning dark. The watcher of the diary had ultimately zombified, and he dreamed his way into the other world, so that meant that the spell scroll was left unused at the time.

    Gu Jun flipped through the diary page by page, but he did not find the thing he was looking for. As he sighed in frustration and slammed the diary shut, he realized the diary had a leather cover.

    'No way...'

    With a burst of inspiration, he tried to shrug the cover off. Sewn inside the leather was a yellowed parchment. The parchment was filled with incomprehensible characters. It was not a part of the foreign language, but Gu Jun did know what kind of language they were. There were the same letters on Ol' Uncle Dog's tombstone, the language of the zombies.

    'This spell exists in my consciousness technically. Does that mean I can use it? Will it help me open the door that will lead me to that abandoned island?'

    Gu Jun was both excited and befuddled by this surprising discovery. There were still too many things to sort out, but at least things were progressing!

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