159 Every Spell Comes with a Price

    Chapter 159: Every Spell Comes with a Price

    Gu Jun had already arrived at his own understanding of the foreign spells on his own. This note written by Landon was one of them. The obvious example was the spell on the high wall inside the abnormal space. While Phecda was still scouting out the place, they failed to photograph, draw, print, or even memorize the spell because it was imbued with power when it was written down. But if Gu Jun, Xue Ba, Uncle Dan, or anyone else was asked to write down the same Mad Arab's poem, their creation would not pose the same problem.

    "It is because we do not possess the ability to turn those words into actual spells," Gu Jun concluded. "Just like what Landon said, without their inherent power, they are just some ugly wiggles."

    In the same manner, for the spell that Mr. Chandler had gifted the watcher, it was more than just a scrap of the zombie language. For those who did not understand the power of the spell, even if they got their hands on the scroll and photocopied it a gazillion times, they would have only ended up wasting paper because none would be effective other than the original one.

    "Hmm." Gu Jun allowed this ominous-sounding paragraph to percolate in his mind. It appeared to have a much deeper implication behind it... 'Humanity and divinity... The various concepts and perspectives that make up humanity, are they derived from common, everyday sources?'

    Gu Jun read on to find more clarification. He realized the people of the foreign civilization held this perception.

    'Interacting with any kind of spell, even the ones that were to draw from the power of the Goddess of Life, would damage one's mental state because one would be utilizing power that did not belong to humanity. It was a deviation from human nature. It was one of the main reasons Carlot Doctors were so respected by the people. Yes, they were life savers, but they were also technically sacrificing themselves to save others. This was because using spells would change and sometimes corrupt the user's mental state. To put it through Phecda's review system, utilization of spells would manifest in the dropping of one's S Value and personality change.

    'Using abnormal power comes with its price. It is imperative for Carlot Doctors to understand that they are sacrificing themselves for the betterment of others.'

    'Sacrifice, sacrifice.

    'If I could take back everything...

    'I have no idea whether this has meaning to it or not.'

    The closer it got to the end, the more haphazard the handwriting became and the deeper the emotion of darkness. They had likely been written after the advent of hemoptysis...

    What was 'this' in the last sentence? Gu Jun could feel the struggle between the lines, the struggle that came from a brief moment of hope. What had happened to Landon after his encounter with the Necro-skins? Was his suicide a form of sacrifice as well?

    Gu Jun took a step back and read through Landon's notes in the margin again. The change between them was startling. From the initial jokey tone to the words that sounded like they would come right out of the mind of a doomsday prophet. It was clear that something instrumental had changed within Landon.

    "Landon, have you forgotten that increased interaction with power of the beyond will drag you further away from humanity?" Gu Jun sighed.

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    The page did not appear to be that short, but it ended after the section on sacrifice. Even though there were still many questions, this basic understanding of spells did clear up Gu Jun's mind somewhat. It felt like he had gone through another session of rejuvenation; he felt quite refreshed. He reminded himself to share this information with Elder Tong and the others when they met up next time. Now, when he cast the spell from R'yleh, it should have a stronger effect, but did that also mean that it would cause a greater backlash to him?
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