165 Skinless Arctic Wolves

    Chapter 165: Skinless Arctic Wolves

    The wind blew, and snow fell. The gale caused the hiking group to be unstable on their feet, and the fanatical chanting was getting closer and closer. The chanting eventually became louder than the whipping snowstorm. It pressed against them like an imminent avalanche. However, the satellites still captured nothing around them.

    "Command, we can hear human voices coming from the summit. Captain Gu suspects it is the Inuits performing some kind of ritual."

    "Copy that, Arctic Wolf. There is no change from the satellites... All we can see are your teams."

    "Command, we are going for an ambush, over."

    When they were still over thirty meters from the summit, the leaders of the joint team had a quick discussion and settled on an ambush. The Russians agreed to provide support. Even they wanted to find out what was going on.

    "Copy that..."


    There were twenty-two wolves in total, and they were arranged into two straight lines, eleven on each side. They formed a path that seemed to welcome the group. Their hides were peeled off, but no blood gathered underneath them because their blood had been frozen solid in their bodies. Their heads were surprisingly well-preserved considering the rest of their bodies. The animals' rounded eyes were filled with fear and horror. The pairs of eyes stared at the newcomers, and Gu Jun swore he could see human emotions in them.

    At the end of this grisly path, there were about ten Inuits standing there. There were adults and children. They were only dressed in animal hides that would not have provided them with much warmth. The animal hides were stitched from the skin of the arctic wolves, and the snowy white fur was covered in strange symbols painted in blood. At that moment, it dawned on Gu Jun why the birds had flocked over here. They were eyeing the feast of carrion. They had been drawn here by the scent of fresh blood.



    "Don't move!"

    Ivanov and Yu Xiaoyong shouted at the same time. All of their gun barrels were pointed at the Inuits. According to the satellite screening, these people should not be there, but they could not be sure they were just mere illusions either because they appeared so real. Being surrounded by so many lethal weapons, the Inuits showed no trace of fear. Even though their maddening chanting had stopped, it did not seem to register that they were under attack. Their eyes floated over the threat as all of the eyes fixated on someone. The broad-shouldered men, the tough-looking women, the youthful teens, and the children... they were all looking at Gu Jun.

    Suddenly, the group of Inuits said in unison, "You have arrived."

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    It was eerily similar to the greeting Ol' Uncle Dog offered him in the nightmare as well as the affirmation he had heard from the villagers when he was in the Nan Tang Village illusion. That sentence suggested that they had been waiting for him.

    "Ergh." Gu Jun's vision was blurred as his head pulsed with pain. The Inuits were slowly overlapping with the images of the villagers from Nan Tang Village. He tried to channel his focus to chase away the illusion, but the illusion responded by sending shards of pain into his mind. Twenty-two arctic wolves and twenty-three members from the Phecda assault team... Without him, there would be twenty-two people left. The arctic wolves' carcasses were coming alive, twitching on their icicles. Their eyes turned toward him. They reminded Gu Jun of Xue Ba's eyes, Uncle Dan's eyes, and Wu Siyu's eyes...

    'No, they are just an illusion.' Gu Jun groaned in pain as he tried to resist the mental assault. He uttered in a low growl, "Yes, I have arrived."

    If they got too close, they might be affected by the spell themselves, and there was no telling what the Russians might do if they were interrupted. After all, the bullets would not listen to reason.

    Just like that, the team from Phecda watched as Ivanov's group slowly stalked past the Inuits. They walked toward the cliff, and one by one, they jumped off the edge.

    "Ah!" Uncle Dan could not help but gasp. The cliff dropped at least six hundred meters, and below was the frozen sea. For a second that seemed to stretch into eternity, even over the wind, they could hear the dull thuds of bones and muscles slamming against the thick layer of ice. The mass of flesh and blood, the splattered guts and brain matter, Ivanov's passionate face... they all froze under a sleet of ice once life departed.

    The command center's urgent voice came from the communicator. "Arctic Wolf? Arctic Wolf? How come it appears like... Captain Ivanov's team has all committed suicide?"


    Those Inuits were not distracted by the Russian's collective suicide. Their eyes were still fixated on Gu Jun alone.
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