170 Sweet Dreams

    Chapter 170: Sweet Dreams

    The mist floated on the ocean surface but strangely enough, it appeared to be unable to float onto the deck. Right next to one of the masts, the wooden barrels were spilling over with glittering treasure. Gu Jun eyed the scrolls and books among them and the desire to acquire them rose in his heart.

    "Hey, dirty-minded Jun..." Wu Siyu called after him. Reminded of what the old captain mentioned, 'as long as the speaker is willing to be understood, the listener will naturally understand', she controlled her intention and asked softly, "Do you think we can knock out this old man and hijack this ship as well as its treasures for ourselves?"

    "That is written in Oracle Bone Script." Wu Siyu recognized the writing immediately, after all, she was from Shen Hai City's relic division. "Xuan? It seems to spell the character ."

    Even though Gu Jun did not have that much archaeological knowledge, he was familiar with Chinese history to recognize Bone Oracle Script, he just could not read them. 'Bone Oracle Script, is it? Looks like the tome is written way back in the Early Qin dynasty, at the early formation of our culture.' Gu Jun could not say he was that surprised. Humans had interacted with occultism when they were still Neanderthals, so their presence among the ancient civilization was not that surprising.

    "I suppose you can call this... the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan." The old man continued evenly. "Unfortunately this is just a copy, the original consists of seven separate scriptures but their current location is unknown... Fret not because this copy is more than enough to satisfy your earlier requirement, especially at a time like this."

    Gu Jun's heart was racing, Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan? The old man appeared to be able to read his mind. If they were given a spell book from the foreign world, then it would be accessible to him only but if it was a spell book researched by their ancestors, then perhaps it would be accessible to Wu Siyu and even the whole Phecda. Gu Jun used to think that while humanity might have dappled in occultism but no civilization had come up with actual spells before but that appeared not to be the case. Perhaps it merely did not have the luck to enjoy the flourishing magic appeared to have had with the foreign civilization. The reason? Well, it would be a wonder if Gu Jun knew. Perhaps it was lost between generations or replaced by technology... Regardless, he knew he needed this spell book.

    "No, I don't want that." The old man shot him down again.

    Gu Jun thought about it. "I have some diaries, and letters in my mind, would those work?" The old man still responded with a headshake so Gu Jun offered, "There is a presence of dark consciousness within me, how about that?" The old man replied, "No, I have no interest in that at all." Gu Jun was reaching his wit's end. "I have a brain tumor, would you want that?"

    "Ah?" It was not until now that Wu Siyu found out about Gu Jun's fatal illness. Her brows rose in surprise. "For real?"

    "Yes, but it's stabilized for now." Gu Jun nodded but Wu Siyu still gave a long sigh.

    "No, why would I want that?" The old man retorted.

    "Old Sir, in that case, why don't you tell us directly what is there for us to give you?" Finally Gu Jun relented.

    "You can offer me..." The grey-bearded old man said slowly, "your sweet dreams."

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    Puzzlement was clear on the pair's faces so the old man explained, "To dream is an ability, even more so when the dream is a sweet one... Nightmare has its own power, so does its opposite. But everyone has a limited amount of sweet dreams to dream and when all the sweet dreams are gone... one will lose the ability to dream. And those who lost that ability will be summoned by the dream..."

    Some images suddenly gushed out of his heart, resisting the external force that was working to claim him, it was the Son of Steel.

    "Your sweet dreams..." The grey-bearded old man was shocked, this was the first facial expression he had shown. "What is this power of yours?!"
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