173 Island

    Chapter 173: Island

    After a long stretch of silence, they could finally hear the sound of waves crashing. It made them realize they had been on the sea. The edge of the island was covered in rotten ground. The white ship sailed gradually toward it before inching onto the shore. A plank materialized on the side of the deck, and it extended toward the shore. Gu Jun and Wu Siyu were dressed in light gray cotton outfits, looking like Chinese travelers from exotic lands.

    When they went behind the cabin door to change, the sound of shrieking from the bottom of the stairs heightened. It sounded like some beasts were struggling to escape from their entrapment. The duo walked out immediately after changing. They did not stay to explore further. That was something they had agreed upon. Now, the pair walked down the plank and stepped onto the island. The clothes that they originally wore instantly dissolved into wisps of smoke. When they turned back to look, the white ship had already sailed away into the world of mist. There went their hope of getting a ride back. How were they going to leave should they complete their mission?

    "So, is this it?" Wu Siyu observed their surroundings. When they were still on the boat, Gu Jun had described the basic background of the nightmare to her. The patients would find themselves at an abandoned island in their dream. There would be withered trees, sodden leaves, and a mountain range in the distance. It fit their surroundings perfectly.

    "Yes." Gu Jun nodded. He could recognize this shore. "This is where the nightmare always starts."

    They did not sense any human presence around them.

    "Perhaps our arrival has been announced or perhaps not. In any case, we should be prepared," Gu Jun warned. The last words the captain said mentioned an imminent storm, but the sky was as clear as ever. However, Gu Jun doubted the old man would make a joke out of something like that. If they were caught in a storm, it would make their journey that much more difficult.

    The two stopped to take inventory. If they rationed carefully, the food and water could last them for a few days. Other than that, they had the medic kit, an oil lamp, and two weapons. The weapons were normal weapons; they did not possess any special power and were not some kind ritualistic relics. The sword was about one meter long, and the hilt was covered in exquisite carvings. The blade was not sharp to the touch, but it could still hack through some tree trunks. The bow was made from wood. It had the same carving design as the sword. For some reason, Wu Siyu reminded him of a cat when she studied these strange carvings. Neither of them had received training in this kind of classic weaponry. In fact, for a girl as slender as Wu Siyu, she had trouble just nocking the bow. The choice of the bow was more for covering all bases instead of their mastery of it. That way, they had one long-ranged weapon should the situation call for it.

    With regards to the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, Gu Jun felt like he had learned less than one third of the first chapter. They had not yet unlocked its power.

    "I don't think so." Gu Jun contemplated. "We have to consider that this might be a trap."

    The island was too unfamiliar to them, and thus, it was unwise to go exploring without any guidance. If they still had their armada of firearms, they could have tried to storm the house. Ol' Uncle Dog might have posed a threat, but there were two of them, and bullets would move faster than spells. Unfortunately, the sad reality was they only had a wooden bow and some arrows, and neither of them had training in archery.

    "I have an idea," Wu Siyu said. "We can bind the arrowheads with bandages and soak them with the gasoline. Then we will light them up and shoot them at the house. The house looks like it is made from wood, so it should be flammable. The whole place will collapse in a ball of fire before you know it."

    "That... honestly is not a bad idea, but maybe we should consider other options first."

    After all, who knew what kind of consequence might come from such a drastic move? Perhaps they could find some valuable items inside the old manor. Gu Jun would only resort to destroying the manor when they had no other choice. They only had one chance to do this right.

    Gu Jun wanted to wait a little longer. "If there are new patients from Eastern State, they should arrive punctually at 3 am. I wonder if we are close to that time here."

    Would Ol' Uncle Dog appear then, casting spells to take those dreams?

    Time was a loose concept in the dream world. For now, they decided to go into hiding beside a copse of trees near the manor. Gu Jun had Wu Siyu pay attention to their surroundings while he took the time to brush up the knowledge on the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan. Time was passing supposedly, but the day showed no sign of changing. There did not appear to be a day night cycle in this world.

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    "Hey!" Wu Siyu suddenly pushed Gu Jun. "Look, quite a large number of people are coming."
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