176 Shadow on the Second Floor

    Chapter 176: Shadow on the Second Floor

    The storm drenched the world around them. Gu Jun was about to step out from the front door when he saw the watcher pick up something that looked like a lance in a hurry. He did not recognize that thing, but he knew that with another step, he would come into much closer contact with it than he would have liked. In that moment, many considerations and thoughts crossed Gu Jun's mind. In the end, he took the step back and shielded Wu Siyu behind him.

    'What if this conflict is the enemy's intention all along?'

    From the diary, the watcher eventually entered the dream world through his dream. By then, the watcher had already mutated into a zombie, so he should have joined Mr. Chandler and the other zombies when he arrived at this place and never left. If this was not an illusion, then could this be the zombie watcher? But how come he did not look like one? And why was he referring to Gu Jun as 'Mr. Chandler'? Who was the one hallucinating? Was it Gu Jun or the watcher? Were they still inside a dream?

    The pages might be filled in the real world, but in the dream world, they were empty tomes.

    There were still two closed rooms on each side of the corridors. Gu Jun told his companion, "Siyu, I need you to stay guard in the foyer and pay attention to any changes outside the window, especially that young man while I go and open these other rooms."

    "Gotcha." Wu Siyu headed away with the oil lamp. She stood at the foyer, and the light from the lamp was bright enough to light up most of the corridor.

    From right to left, the four rooms were number one to four. Gu Jun gripped the grayish-brown doorknob of Room 1 and twisted. It was locked. 'Is the key hidden somewhere around the house?'

    "What didn't I hear? But the young man appeared to hear something because he just turned this way with this anxious look on his face.

    "Hmm, the room is empty, but there was a ghostly shadow in here earlier..." Gu Jun explained as he moved to Room 2. He raised the sword and slammed it down at the wooden door again. It did not take long for his arms to dull with pain. Even though this was the dream world, they entered it with their physical body, so their body worked the same away as it would as if they were awake. Gu Jun had already worked up a sweat. He ruined the lock and kicked the door down. Looking in via the weak light, he saw another empty room, but in the corner, there was yet another blurry human shadow.

    The moment the light shone into the room. The shadow lunged at him with a ghastly wail. The shriek was filled with madness but no trace of tears. It was as if the shadow had been trapped in the darkness for so long that it had forgotten the sensation of fear, and only madness was left in it. Gu Jun's heart shivered because he managed to chance a quick look at the shadow's face this time.

    It was Yang Jianming... the patient at the latter stage of the Nightmare Illness. When he just returned to Eastern State, Prof Qin had explained the pathology of Nightmare Illness to him, and he had been introduced to patients at three stages of the illness. Yang Jianming was the one who was at the latest stage. His mind was already gone by then. He was scheduled for the experimental lobotomy, but the man still perished from multiple organ failure eighteen hours after the surgery.

    'Why is Yang Jianming here? Is that even the real Yang Jianming?'

    Once this thought crossed his mind, the shriek took on a meaning that pierced his heart deeper than any weapon could. "Doctor Gu! It was you. You killed me! Did you really think drilling holes in my drain would cure me? What kind of doctor are you? You're a killer!"

    Before the accusation sank in, the figure disappeared as it leaped through Gu Jun and out of the room.

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    "Siyu?" Gu Jun turned around. "Did you hear that?"
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