180 Wrestling the Dream

    Chapter 180: Wrestling the Dream

    The thunder crackled and rain poured, it casted a layer of shadow over Warsong in the dream world. In stark contrast, there was a rowdy celebration in front of the old manor.

    "Itoch, the Carlot Doctors are here!" The mayor who led the group sang out happily. He was a slightly rotund middle-aged man, the joy on his face could rival that of the young man, in fact the whole group was rapt in good cheer. Whenever they chanced a look behind them, their eyes were filled with respect. However for Gu Jun and Wu Siyu, the doctors were merely blurry human cut-outs. This seemed to suggest that the young watcher had not encountered any single Carlot Doctor in his life and thus there was this emptiness in his dream.

    "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try..." Gu Jun said and was about to do something but he saw a new entry had been added into the diary on its own, "Every single one of them was extremely kind, even the Son of Steel, Landon. They even praised me for my contribution in controlling the epidemic by standing guard at my post! That was truly the proudest moment of my life. How I wish I could run home to tell my whole family about this but I could not bring myself to be away from their presence. I would not miss any chance to spend time with these chosen of the Goddess. It was such a wonderful time.

    "But what happened next pulled everything back into hell..."

    Suddenly, Gu Jun was assaulted by an intense headache. Wu Siyu could sense the change in the atmosphere, the thunder boomed and a murder of crows cawed from inside the jungle. They weathered the storm and flew into the dark sky.

    "Be careful..." Gu Jun told Wu Siyu warningly, "There is another force which is trying to wrestle control over this dream." The cawing of the crows pierced through the thunder, it sounded like a lullaby from hell. Behind them, all the rooms in all the three floors inside the old manor lit up in yellowing lights!

    Every single rain drop carried with them a different version of the same nightmare. Gu Jun, Wu Siyu and the watcher were instantly overwhelmed by them... The trio appeared to have been sucked into a whirlpool, one made up of the twisted pain of the souls trapped within the old manor.

    In one moment, they were posited in the foyer of the second floor. The lights were dim, next to them, the corridors on both sides extended endlessly into the darkness. The endless corridor was filled with endless rooms. Every room was locked and a palpable darkness could be felt trapped behind each door. As they were dragged down the corridor, they could hear different maddening shrieks coming from inside,

    "No, don't do this to me!"

    "Why, why has this happened to me?!"

    "Save me!"

    The deranged wails swam over the chanting of the carcasses. There were millions of different language but they were all saying the same thing,

    "You have walked through the first room,

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    Walked through the 100th room,
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