182 Spell Versus Spell

    Chapter 182: Spell Versus Spell

    "Only by breaking through the limitation of your pain can your mental power grow. Do not be afraid of pain; embrace it and surpass it."

    This statement was written on the spell page. It was listed under training alongside 'sacrifice' as the basis principle to mastering spells. Transmutation of pain was a kind of power. Carlot Doctors not only had to face their own pain but the pain of the patients, so they had to understand it to better digest it.

    Gu Jun gave a long sigh as he appeared to come to a decision. The determination also made the power of light residing within him resonate with brightness. The figures of the Carlot Doctors revived into activity. He glared angrily at the second floor of the old manor and sang in the foreign language, "Carlot Doctors, in the times of peace, you fight for harmony."

    The little ditty was in itself a protection spell. Lightning flashed across the dark sky and pierced through the palpable darkness. The scattering of strange shadows on the second floor appeared to be temporarily frozen. Other foreign voices joined in. The twelve figures in white robes all took out their Carlot Scalpels. Even Raybundy's humble face was lined with courage as he sang loudly, "When the whole world is collapsing and imploding, when humanity has nowhere else to turn but horror..."

    "You will not turn back." The other students joined in, even Teacher Orlem. The young watcher was ecstatic. The faces of the mayor and the other villagers took on a semblance of joy. The village of Warsong was going to be saved.

    The legendary Landon, his eyes were shining brighter and harder than his peers. He raised his scalpel in aggression and shouted out the last line of the spell. "You shall use your sharp surgical knife to slice through the darkness!"

    With a resounding crack, some of the windows of the old manor were shattered. The eerie lighting inside the house started to flicker. The space appeared to be twisting.

    "Hmm..." Wu Siyu could feel the grip over her mind slowly releasing, and the world around them appeared to be brighter. The first thing she did was reach out and plant her hand on Gu Jun's arm to channel her mental power into him.

    He had the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan in mind. Granted, he had only studied the first chapter, and his mastery of it was less than half complete, but it was better than nothing.

    "No sun no moon, no sky no time." Gu Jun started to cast the spell. Wu Siyu and all the Carlot Doctors joined in. "Action comes with shapes, not lost!"

    He tried his best to control the summoning power. The ripple of change could be felt around him. The earth appeared to be shaking. Some unformed darkness burst out from the ground. It was unclear what kind of existence it was. It all pounced at the old manor and leaped right into the second floor foyer. It jumped at the dead bodies, children, and Ol' Uncle Dog. Some shadowy figures instantly flitted forward to block their path. When the two parties collided, there was a strange clashing sound. Both parties dissipated into nothingness. However, as the shadows inside the old manor faded, others moved forward to take their place. They had formed a formidable bulwark. On the other hand, the number of shadows summoned by Gu Jun was decreasing, and their shapes were having greater trouble coalescing. They were like candles, snuffed out with a puff.

    "Oh? These are... Regardless... they won't be enough." The twisted voice began again. It had barely discernible impatience and condescension running through it. "Child, do you still not understand? Even with your iron will, even if you exhaust all your mental power, it will not even leave a dent on this nightmare."

    The young watcher, the mayor, and the villagers had their brows deeply pleated. Even they could tell that the Carlot Doctors could barely keep up. Every doctor's face was strained and stressed. They turned from feverish red to deathly pale. Some were already swaying and kneeling on the ground.

    "..." Gu Jun took gruffy breaths. He wanted to challenge the voice, but he could barely summon the strength to even speak. The corruption rate had reached ten percent. The old manor was still standing strong, and the strange figures had not depleted. It was like a wall that could never be breached.

    "Dirty-minded Jun, do you hear that?" Wu Siyu, who was about to collapse, suddenly let slip a whisper. "Is that someone calling your name?"

    'Someone is calling me?' Once she pointed that out, he could pick out strands of voices calling his name through the overall din.

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    "Ah Jun, can you hear us? Answer us!"
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