188 Eyeball Language 2in1

    Chapter 188: Eyeball Language (2in1)

    Gu Jun was still caught in darkness. Two days had passed since he recovered his consciousness. As tired as he was, sleep eluded him. It appeared like he had lost that ability, and so fatigue trailed him like a ghost. Other than learning how to control the movement of his eyeballs, there was no progress with the rest of his body. He still could not open his eyes. Earlier, it was the Zoogs who peeled back his eyelids.

    'Systematic Autopsy, oculus...'

    Perhaps it sensed his eyeball moving about-his right eyelid was suddenly pressed onto by a furry paw. The tapping said, "Be honest and don't move!"

    He could not move or speak. Gu Jun could not handle this pain one second longer. How was he going to communicate with these creatures? Patients of Locked-in Syndrome could move their eyeballs to communicate meaning. Well, since tapping could be a language, why not the moving of the iris? This was the dream world. As long as the speaker was willing to communicate, the listener would get the intention despite the inscrutability of the language used.

    Gu Jun was thinking as he tried to memorize the little linguistic knowledge he had learned... Okay, he would use the movement of his eyeball to create a 'Chinese character input method'... The strokes of each character could be translated into different movements of the eyes. One set of actions would combine to form a word. Moving from left to right, it would mean horizontal slash. Moving from top to bottom, it would mean vertical slash. Moving from right to left would be a dot. So on and so forth... When he was done writing a character, he could frown to communicate that he had finished it. A blink of the left eye meant comma, and a blink of the right meant period. Rapidly blinking the left eye twice meant a question mark, and the right eye meant exclamation point.

    'This should do.' Gu Jun memorized the simplistic rules of this made-up language. It was all he could manage to come up with on the spot. The passage of time was loose in darkness.

    "Ignore him!" The voice that definitely belonged to their leader said, "Human beings are extremely cunning no matter which world they come from!"

    Gu Jun quickly rolled his eyes. "I mean you all no harm..."

    "He said he meant us no harm."

    "Then, is he implying we mean him harm?" the leader said angrily. "Dumb Zoog! He is trying to make use of our kindness to cure him and help him return to that world. Regardless of what he says, I know that is his goal."

    "Then, is he just toying with us? Damn human, we should just eat him! Forget about the five thousand hens, five thousand quails, and five thousand fowls."

    So, that was the final value that they had placed on him.

    The Zoog who had been proposing Gu Jun be cooked added, "I know a cooking method that will guarantee to make a scrumptious meal of him! We shall turn him into a feeding box for the maggots. When the maggots are all grown inside him, we will pit roast him until seventy percent cooked. That way, it will preserve the freshness of the maggots and the juiciness of his flesh. With some spices and some moonshine, oh, I'm swimming in the thought of it already."

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    "Brother, should we keep the cooking just to his limbs? The rest of him should be worth at least three thousand of each bird!"

    The forest at the island with the old manor was just a small village for the Zoogs. This was the real base of the Zoogs tribe...

    The Zoogs squatted on the tree branches, hid among the bushes, and crawled inside the rotten tree holes. So many beady eyes looked his way, and they were all glowing. Among them, an old Zoog stood in the middle. The fur on his body was all white. He was possibly the person they regarded as the leader or the elder in this tribe.

    The wooden barrel was set down and frantic tapping rang out everywhere. Gu Jun finally saw now that the Zoogs made the sound by slapping different parts of their bodies, and that formed the basis of their language. The group of Zoogs that carried him tapped themselves all over as they appeared to try to explain Gu Jun's origin. The other Zoogs responded by excited tapping.

    "Let him in. It does not matter," the old Zoog said. He pulled on his white beard and looked rather kind. Gu Jun could understand them again, and right at that moment, he realized that the Leader Zoog of his group was explaining to the rest the plan that they had laid out for him. "That way, we won't need to provide any offerings for the next five years!"

    "Sigh." The old Zoog sighed. The Zoogs that were about to rise into a mob all quieted down. The old Zoog studied Gu Jun and said, "Is that how we Zoogs do things? Ludicrous! This man has consumed the house of nightmares. That is no way to treat him!"

    With that, Gu Jun's heart leaped with joy. He was about to use his eyeball language to thank the old Zoog... when the latter said, "Offering him to that greedy cat will only get us at most five thousand hens, five thousand quails, and five thousand fowls. But if we sell him to the black merchant, we can get at least ten thousand hens, ten thousand quails, and ten thousand fowls!"

    The realization dawned on the young Zoogs, and they broke out in cheers and yelps.

    "That way, even after we make the offering of five thousand from each of the three birds," the Old Zoog said, "we will still have five thousand each left for our own tribe, won't we?"

    Instantly, the Zoogs in the forest broke out in brilliant cheers. The sound of excited cheering and tapping echoed throughout the forest.

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