189 Special Reward

    Chapter 189: Special Reward

    After the Elder Zoog made the decision, in the celebration of the Zoog tribe, Gu Jun was stuffed deeper into the wooden barrel, and the lid was firmly fixed on. They left a small air hole for air filtration, but it was clear that the oxygen density had decreased because Gu Jun soon felt a dullness to his mind. At a time like this, it was probably a good thing that he could not feel his body, or else the discomfort would probably increase manifold.

    'F*ck...' Gu Jun opened his eyes, and the grain of the wooden barrel stared back at him. He was really not expecting to one day end up like this. Losing control of his whole body, unable to speak, only able to move his eyes, and his fate left in the hands of some rodent-like creatures. In his current state, he could not even end his own miserable life or fall asleep.

    Suddenly, he felt the wooden barrel being tipped over and starting to roll. Clearly, the Zoogs were moving him. They probably wanted him back onto the ship. The feelings of sadness, tiredness, and resignation appeared in his mind. He missed his bed, phone, computer, surgical scalpel... Hell, he even missed the feeling of sleepiness and hunger.

    'No, I have to stick it out.' Gu Jun quickly stopped himself from going down this slippery slope. If he allowed himself to continue like this, he would soon give up and die an undignified death inside a wooden barrel. 'I can't die like this. I still have no idea if the Nightmare Illness has been stopped or not. I need to stay alive to find out.'

    Gu Jun summoned his body to take a deep breath.

    'Snap out of it, Gu Jun!'

    Reasoning with these Zoogs appeared to be futile. The evil cat or the black merchant that they were going to sacrifice him to did not sound like pleasant characters either. The chance of them letting him go free was close to zero. To escape from this tragedy, he would have to depend on himself. In that case, he would need to continue training his mind and try to regain control of his body.

    'I need to recover!'

    'I wonder how this merchant will deal with me.' Gu Jun contemplated the pros and cons of this situation. The pro was that the other party was a human being. It meant that they could communicate more easily; the con was that the other party was a human being. As the Zoogs said, human beings were extremely cunning, at least more cunning than the Zoogs. The man had purchased him at such a high price, so the chance of Gu Jun persuading him to let him go for free was close to zero. Soon, Gu Jun could hear the sound of other people, but the language still meant nothing to him. But it did tell him that this was a group of merchants and not a single travelling merchant.

    He felt like he was placed onto a wooden cart because he heard the sound of wheels creaking on the road. After his adventure with the Zoogs, where was he going next?

    'Oh well...' Gu Jun sighed in his mind, mimicking Wu Siyu. There was nothing he could do about these outer changes. All he could do was focus on himself. He started to meditate to train his mental power. He imagined the fountain at Carlot Academy, picturing the Goddess of Life... the cleansing water, the power of life. He meditated for half a day. He felt more like himself and felt it was time to try opening the system again.

    'There's no harm in trying.' Gu Jun focused his mental power and tried to bring up the system like he did in the past. Instantly, a jolt of pain seized him as his nerves pulled taut. It felt like something was stuck, but this time, he did not give up and tried to see it through.

    With a thud, the blockage appeared to be cleared. Something rushed it and echoed in his mind. It was the sound of the system notification. The sound had never sounded sweeter to Gu Jun's ears!

    "Your mastery of Strong Heart has increased by 30,000 points. Current level: 1 (36,000/ 50,000 Mastery).

    "Warning, your mind is currently corrupted. Current corruption rate: forty-nine percent.

    "Warning, you are currently in an abnormal palsy state! Please attempt self-recovery through a system mission.

    try {

    window._mNHandle.queue.push(function () {

    window._mNDetails.loadTag("386623558", "300x250", "386623558");



    catch (error) {


    "You have rescued Warsong suspended in a nightmare, triggering a special reward. Please click to obtain your reward, unknown."
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