195 Kill His Way Ou

    Chapter 195: Kill His Way Out

    The black merchants had a unique appearance in that they had incredibly wide lips. They wore long black robes and turban around their heads. The turban was bundled into two strange protrusions before their forehead, giving them the appearance of horns. The black merchant who opened the door looked exactly like that. Once he stepped into the room, he realized something was off. Inside the small storage room, the wooden wheelchair that carried the nightmare man was leaning against the left wall but he remembered quite clearly he had left the wheelchair in the middle of the room when he dropped off the cargo so why had it moved?

    The black merchant looked around and saw not even a rodent. He walked towards the wheelchair with confusion and lifted up the black cloth that covered the nightmare man. The nightmare man was still seated inside the pot, leaning against the frame. Stuck within the ruined face was the pair of widened eyes. Suddenly the black merchant's heart squeezed as he realized what was missing... the eyes had lost their fascinators!

    Inside the pair of perforated eyes, there was no longer the fuzzy chaos but instead there was a sharp viciousness....

    "I recognize you, you're the one who came to torture me with the needles every time." A low voice growled warningly.

    "You!" The black merchant was stunned as he stared into the pair of eyes. Their merchandise was not dead, his consciousness was still alive, he had recovered! But how could anyone's mind suffer 100 showings of Nightmare Wonder, his consciousness should have been vanquished in the first showing! Just as these thoughts crowded his mind, the black merchant shrieked and wailed. A giant stormy whirlpool was being unleashed from the pair of eyes, carrying with it all the terror from Leng.

    "Ah..." The black merchant instantly lost his power of speech. His eyes were overwhelmed by incredible pain and his face was a mask of terror. His hands raised to lash at his face. He wanted to gouge out his own eyes to make the torture stop but no matter how deep his fingers dug, no matter how hard he pulled, his eyeballs remained firmly stuck. The black merchant cried and laughed in crazed tears... Dig, dig, dig... The black merchant stuffed the broken pieces of his own eyes into his mouth. He grinded them into pieces with his teeth, screaming all the while. Even so there were still shadows dancing inside the two bloody holes where his eyes were. He plunged deeply into the socket as he continued to dig deeper into his skull. "Nightmare man, nightmare... abyss..."

    "You merchants should know that everything comes with a price." Gu Jun said darkly as he struggled to stand up. "Normally I have sworn to only help and heal but for human traffickers like you, I can make an exception." The power of the spell was quite strong but it only cost 0.1 percent corruption and it did not drain Gu Jun's mental power that much. However, from casting the spell, Gu Jun confirmed that his mental power had indeed become different in nature, the digested nightmare energy had turned him into a walking nightmare. He had just stood up when he saw 2 more black merchants appear at the door. They gasped into the room with shock.

    "My eyes are the abyss and the abyss is the truth!" Gu Jun casted the spell again, the rhythm of each syllable and its power were close to the original from the parchment, even Gu Jun could feel a strange energy propelling towards his target. The two black merchants at the door had their eyes burst open. Purplish red worms wiggled out from their eyeballs.

    "I hope you're not tricking me." Gu Jun said. As he did not place his trust blindly in these people, he kept his attention tuned to his surroundings. They walked for a distance, they did not leave the stage but they did lead Gu Jun to a side door hidden behind the stage. Once they reached the door, the three busted through the door and ran screaming into their freedom. The grunts of anger and pain closed in behind Gu Jun. Gu Jun hurried towards the exit. He had to find his way out soon and it was unwise to cast any more spells because the corruption had increased by 2 percent back to 24.78 percent, if the corruption reached 25 percent, he might lose his mobility again... Furthermore, he could feel the power of darkness inside him awakening, he was slowly losing control...

    When Gu Jun exited the door, he was greeted by a night sky. He found himself inside a narrow stone-paved alley and the smattering of people on the street looked over his way with curiosity. Around him were black towers and the alleys formed a maze that weaved through them. The complication of the geography stunned Gu Jun and he was at a loss where to go. By then, the sound behind him had grown louder. There were languages of the black merchant and other languages. He recognized them as the voices of the buyer who was going to sacrifice him. Their eyes did not even blink during the Nightmare Wonder showcase, so Gu Jun knew they were not going to be easy to deal with.

    "Sir, come with us." Suddenly, a voice called out to him from the mouth of one of the alleys. Gu Jun turned to the voice, and complicated emotions rose within him. It was a duo from the group of earthlings. There was a man and a woman. They were speaking a strange language, not Chinese, "You belong to the same type as we do, right?"
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