201 Genocide

    Chapter 201: Genocide

    "The Goddess of Hope passed away before her time." Regret seeped into Peacock's voice. "According to legend, she went into a permanent slumber one day in the golden era. People said that her heart was broken when she separated from the Phecda Hero at the island of giant manor. But the hope that she left behind will never break and the kindle she stoked will never be extinguished as well."

    "Indeed." Malachite nodded seriously, "With the kindles comes hope."

    These stories were closer to the current timeline so Peacock's retelling of them was much more detailed and believable. However for Gu Jun, it was completely unfamiliar, he had a hard time even memorizing those strange, long, unfamiliar names of locations. But he tried his best to pay attention to look for possible clues. In the end though, it was all a haze for him.

    "Mr. Nightmare Man, that is about everything." Peacock concluded, her voice was getting dry from the long story.

    "What is your rank within your tribe?" Gu Jun asked, "How much confidential information do you know?" It did not mean that Gu Jun thought she was lying, perhaps she was being lied to in the first place. Peacock was slightly startled but she understood the man's suspicion. She replied with pride, "Both Malachite and myself are 'Phecda Warriors' of the tribe, we know more than enough. But in our tribe, the most knowledgeable tribesmen are the 'professors'."

    "Oh?" Gu Jun's brows pleated. Looks like the Professors had become priests in this world. Gu Jun personally did not believe youngsters like Peacock would know all the historical details, there might be some secrets and truths that were only inherited by the central key person of the tribe. Information that would not benefit the rest of the tribe should they know about it. Information that would shatter their belief and cause disparity. Perhaps some of the Professors knew that Gu Jun had not said any of these things before, but like Peacock said, those words had become their spiritual guide, so it did not matter whether they truly came from his lips anymore. If he had the chance, Gu Jun would have to ask for more details from these professors.

    Gu Jun glanced at the kneeling duo and he could feel their complicated emotions... He seemed to have seen shadows of his own self on the days before he departed for Wrangel Island.

    "Peacock and Malachite, do you mind leaving us for now?" he began, "I wish to have a private conversation with Mr. Atal for a moment."

    "Okay..." Peacock could not read any expression due to the white mask but she knew it was unwise to go against the Nightmare Man. Furthermore, it sounded like the Nightmare Man was going to help them... or was that her wishful thinking? She did not dare to have her hopes up but she did pull Malachite up to leave. "Mr. Nightmare Man, we are of the same kin, that will never change no matter what."

    After the two left, Gu Jun turned to the old man on the ivory stage and said directly, "Barzai the Wise has me come here to take a look at the Pnakotic Manuscripts, he said that he has already passed on the book to you. It is indeed not in the tower because it is in your mind."

    "Ah." Atal's weathered face shifted as he moved his slightly overweight body around, "But..."

    "Mr. Atal, there is no need to deny it." Gu Jun pressed. "I need to see this Pnakotic Manuscripts."
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