208 Double Memory

    Chapter 208: Double Memory

    There was a giant distortion behind the red door, there was a flurry of light and shadow... It felt like two completely different memories were clashing against each other, forming a new creation with each collision. It looked like static from an old television. There was static, some images and then more static...

    Gu Jun felt an intense pain in his mind. Peacock under his right hand was shaking as well. Her struggle became more pronounced. She was waking up and shaking off the hypnosis.

    Gu Jun's brows creased, this was definitely not something that happened in the Dreamlands, the girl was not a member of this land's travelers either. He could hear more clearly that Peacock was singing an English Song... it was Taylor Swift's We are never ever getting back together. The song was quite famous but it was released about 8 years ago. 'Is that when this memory was from? Back when she was on Earth?'

    "Where are you going?" Suppressing the agitation in his heart, Gu Jun asked. He realized Peacock really did not intend to lie to him, because he could sense that these memories were buried so deep that probably the girl herself did not know about their existence... Something bigger was at work here...

    "It's Judy's birthday party..." Peacock mumbled and her voice was slowly changing, she was speaking in English, fluent English. Even her tone had changed, like it was a different person speaking, "Tom will be there too, I know that bastard is going to beg me to forgive him. But ** him! I've given him enough chances, not anymore!"

    The images changed. Now there was a house with a garden and pool, noisy music and human activities. It was a party scene. Gu Jun frowned even further, this was not China... he could see Asian faces, but also Caucasians and African Americans, yes, this was definitely not set in China. So where did Peacock grow up? America? Europe?

    Seeing as the hypnosis was about to collapse, Gu Jun quickly called out, "Kathlyn, Kathlyn!" He hoped to use the name to stabilize her other identity. "Did you hear that? There is another song coming on, one that you have heard before. Kathlyn, what is the name of that song? Tell me."

    "Song?" Peacock muttered. Struggle was clear on her face as another consciousness was fighting for control. "Yes, it's a song to praise the Phecda Hero..."

    "That's not the song." Gu Jun interrupted her and gave her the direct suggestion, "It is an English song, you can hear it, just listen to the melody. The song that you've been hearing on the way to the party." He had no idea what he might dig up. How did Peacock and Malachite end up at Dreamlands? How did they get here? And what organization were they affiliated with?

    "English song..." Peacock's voice was changing and she resumed her usage of English, "Yes, I can hear it now..."

    Gu Jun used his mental power to stabilize the images but it was like trying to calm a raging sea. The pictures were shifting, her memory was swirling. A great expanse of desert, like the one that they were in now but there were stone houses, clean lakes and tall statues... Suddenly the face of a cute girl flashed through, she was holding a porcelain puppy, looking at him with open curiosity. 'Sugar Gem... City of Kindles? Is this City of Kindles... It seems to really exist...'

    But suddenly, the image of the desert changed again. It was still a sandy geography but there were some bushes and low trees. He could see some modern housing, a highway and a brown English road sign next to it...

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