210 Shadow in the Library

    Chapter 210: Shadow in the Library

    To make things even more complicated, a few figures were spotted to be heading down their way on camelback. Gu Jun recognized them as the remainder of Peacock's group, there were 2 guys and 1 girl. They were Gold, Amberlite and Aquamarine, they were responsible to seek help and purchase spell books at Dylath-Leen but they had returned empty-handed. They were confused by the situation at the 'settlement'. Peacock heeded Nightmare Man's advice and had Aquamarine summon the stunned Malachite. Soon, Malachite who was literally standing metres away from them was led over and it was then that he saw the rest.

    "I don't have time to explain and honestly I am not even sure what is happening." Gu Jun addressed the five. "But I need all of you to come with me. I am giving you two choices, you can follow me voluntarily or I will make you do so."

    "You are going to do what?" Gold was made even more confused, "Sir, what are talking about? We are not going to follow the orders of a stranger!"

    "You made me do this." Gu Jun's gaze shifted as he released the nightmarish energy to attempt to knock them out, he had no more time. But Peacock intercepted in a hurry. "Mr. Nightmare Man, please, let me do the talking!" She pleaded with her friends. "Guys, if we want the Pnakotic Manuscripts, this is the only way to do it. We need to listen to him. Just this one time, trust me, you'll understand why soon enough." Due to their trust in Peacock, Malachite and the rest agreed after a short discussion. They agreed to have their hands tied up and their eyes blindfolded by Peacock.

    Gu Jun brought along the beast hide and the scale, he had Peacock and the rest drag the rock with the Ancient Seal with them. Malachite and the rest had no idea what was happening but Peacock had a sense of what Nightmare Man was planning. He was going to return to the old world through the channel... She found that hard to believe. After doing all the preparation, Gu Jun followed the Zoogs. Indeed after about 500 steps, they reached a cluster of rocks in the desert. Several larger ones were stacked together to form a gap. A strange light was coming out from it, it matched the pathway that he had seen in Kathlyn's memory perfectly. He contemplated to himself, the small medic bag would have to suffice as the lighthouse.

    "That is as far as we're willing to go." The Elder Zoog patted his stomach. "Can you give us the camels as a departing gift between friends?" The Zoogs did not wish to follow this madman any further. This man was even harder to deal with compared to the evil cat. Gu Jun nodded. Since the Zoogs were not unwilling to come along, it might cause them to rebel should he force them. That could be dangerous because they were more familiar with the channels than he was. With the Zoogs watching, he moved into the stone gap, Peacock with her four friends trailed behind him.

    "Follow me." Once he entered the channel, the surroundings darkened. The five followed beside him. When Gu Jun turned back to look, and the entrance had faded away into a pinprick of light even though they had not wandered that far away from it. He moved about 10 paces forward but he felt like he was stuck at the same spot. It probably due to the fact that the darkness was moving around them...

    Gu Jun quickly blocked his mind off. No! He reminded himself. This was a thought that was inserted into his mind, the shadow was trying to manipulate him...

    "Who are you? Why are you doing this?!" He glanced at the large shadow, suppressing the anger and confusion. "These information, do you think I will believe them blindly? Also why go through all these troubles, why not just tell them to me directly? What do you want from me?"

    A twisted voice replied haltingly. It was in an unknown language, but it appeared to come from the shadow,

    "...Mask-bearer... Not evil... Sweet dream, use sweet dream... change..."
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