211 Return

    Chapter 211: Return

    'Now what the hell does that mean?' Gu Jun's head hurt. With the echo of each word, his brain would pound with greater intensity. 'Mask-bearer is not evil?'

    The shadow beside the giant podium was becoming blurrier. It appeared like with each word, the shadow was fading further away, its voice harder to follow. "...Phecda Chaos... Secret Spell... Wearing a Mask... Gu Jun..." He heard his own name, the shadow knew his identity but at this point, that seemed to be a given... Ultimately, the questions were, who was this? And what was it trying to tell him?

    "Mr. Nightmare Man, the channel is about to collapse soon!" Suddenly another voice cut in, it was the frantic scream of Peacock. The illusion of the grand library disappeared instantly and everything returned to darkness. But the darkness appeared to be boiling, it raged and swam... The ripples crashed into cracks, the dimension of space and time itself was becoming unstable. They could feel their own bodies disintegrating. If they did not leave this place soon, they would be forever trapped in this unknown dimension.

    "It's time to go!" Peacock said desperately, "Should we turn back?" The rest had no idea what was happening, they reached for their blindfolds.

    "No, follow me, this way!" Gu Jun gritted his teeth and pushed the questions to the back of his mind. With his grasp tightening around the medic bag, he raced down a direction. "This way!" After the illusions faded away, so did the chaotic disruption, his spiritual sense was coming alive. He knew he was going the right way. And then came the light in the darkness, it was the exit!

    'I need to return!' Gu Jun announced to himself, as well as the voices and illusions in the darkness. 'I need to return to the world that I came from!' Just as the dimension was about to collapse, he lunged towards the opening. The glow enveloped him and a different kind of dimensional feeling replaced the twisting spatial world, it became more stable, familiar and firm...

    "Ah!" Peacock's group cried out beside him, they too had jumped through the gap. With a thud, Gu Jun landed on the ground, the walking stiff flew out of his grasp. His palms pressed against the ground, sending back pangs of heat. He had landed on scorching sand.

    "They don't understand English." Gu Jun said in English, "Can you speak Chinese?"

    "Just rudimentarily." Kathlyn shrugged. "I can understand it but I can't speak the language."

    "That is good enough." Gu Jun replied in Chinese, his English was not that good either, but a mixture of both should suffice for simple communication. He said, "Kathlyn, we need to leave this place and find somewhere with human habitation. Geikie, Windjana Street, do you know where that is?" He had a feeling it was nearby.

    "Geikie? Windjana? I think I know where that is..." Kathlyn frowned to think, "I believe it is the name of a town somewhere on the northern-west side of West Australia." Gu Jun had no idea what she was talking about, how he wished he had a phone then. According to Kathlyn, all the cities here were settled near the shoreline. So if they were looking for human habitation, then they should head back down the northern-east direction. He accepted this advice. Gu Jun used the shadow of the sun to determine the nautical direction. This knowledge that he picked during his training for the Problematic Team finally came into usage. Then he led the way and headed down the designated direction.

    "So you are not Tom?" Kathlyn asked her boyfriend of many years. The confused gaze was answer enough. Malachite was for Tom as Peacock was for her. Kathlyn shook her head with a sigh, "This is so strange... and they're also dragging a rock, can this get any stranger..."

    Gu Jun ignored her. As he shuffled forward with the walking stick, he pondered what the shadow had said. 'The mask-wearer is not evil? Use sweet dream to change chaos in Phecda? Is that what the shadow was trying to say?' He tried to remember that injected memory. 'Is it trying to tell me that I should continue wearing the mask... to hide my real identity? I know people would have assumed my death already... But no matter what, I need to gain contact with Dirty-minded Yu as soon as possible."


    Gu Jun adjusted his route, moving towards the bushes and a steadier ground. After about 1 hour of walking, Kathlyn suddenly yelped, "look, there's a highway and a car!" Malachite and the rest looked like they were about to run to escape from the metallic beast but Gu Jun could not have been more excited. There was a highway down the distance, and a yellow pick up was barrelling down it.

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