212 Secret Call

    Chapter 212: Secret Call

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    Suddenly, her eyes burned with different light. It was Peacock who first spoke. "Mr. Nightmare," but then it was Kathlyn who continued, "Hey, I'm still here! This can definitely work!" The two personalities occupied the same body at the same time, acting as an intermediary.

    "Let us go over there then." Gu Jun headed towards the petrol station. He had Katlyn/Peacock remind the rest to just follow along and not do anything stupid. These land's travellers were like a child at a candy store, they were impressed by everything. They had been to so many places at Dreamlands but they had not seen a 'car' before.

    This was a medium-sized petrol station, it came with a convenience store attached. It served mostly holidayers and truckers. The Caucasian, rotund security guard saw them heading this way and his eyes were fixed on them.

    "Hi~" Kathlyn greeted him and said casually, "We're on a fantasy-themed hiking trip."

    Gu Jun did not have time to be their guide. He connected to the shop's wifi and hopped online. The world did not change that much. During January this year, the 'flu' at Eastern State had ended. There was no follow up news and clearly the people wanted to put that part of history behind them as well. None of the countries had openly made any statement about any secret organization or supernatural events...

    But what about other plague? Gu Jun continued his research. There was another outbreak of Ebola in Africa, 5200 people had been infected and 3800 lives had been lost. This pulled at Gu Jun's heart but it was too early to tell if there was anyone behind the outbreak. But another string of news heightened his worry even further.

    "Legionnaires' Disease outbreak in America, causing 15 death."

    "Legionnaires' Disease broke out in Western Europe, 26 infected and 3 death."

    "Legionnaires' Disease strikes before the Ebola wave is over, causing more distress in Africa."

    "Legionnaires' Disease..." Gu Jun frowned. 3 different continents with all different countries but they had recorded the same outbreak in the past 2 months. Legionnaires' Disease is a form of atypical pneumonia caused by a strain of the Legionella bacteria. The first known recorded outbreak happened in America in the year 1976 during a veteran's meeting at Philadelphia, hence the name. The bacteria was airborne, it entered the human body through the pulmonary tract, causing lung troubles...

    He looked up these information, the disease had 2 to 10 days of incubation period. Early symptoms included headache, listlessness and then a sudden fever that could reach up to 40 degree Celsius. Some patients might suffer from bloody sputum and bloody cough too... if left untreated, there would be hallucination, paralysis and chronic confusion...

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    "Legionnaires' Disease." Gu Jun said to himself. The similarity to the Bloody Lungs Illness was too obvious to ignore, but could the two be really related? The Legionella bacteria was in itself a super bacteria, if it was mutated, then... Could these outbreaks be some kind of experiment by a secret organization?
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