213 Be Clever

    Chapter 213: Be Clever

    Gu Jun listened to the dial tone from the phone and sighed helplessly. 'So it failed after all...' He turned to look at the other customers, took in Malachite and the rest who were still pointing at the television, as well as Kathlyn who was on her phone in the corner. She and Tom had been missing for more than 10 days already, she was calling home to assure their families that they were fine, to call off the police search.

    'What to do?' Gu Jun was about to put the phone down when he realized that Dirty-minded Yu must have had her reason to bring up something like a horror movie cliché apropos to nothing. There were two possibilities to this, onem it just came to her for no reason, which was unlikely considering the team training was so long ago and horror movies was just one of their many topics, this seemed much too coincidental to be true, so it had to be the other possibility which was the ESP connection!

    Thankfully it was not the tourist season so the elderly woman at the reception did not ask for more identification and documents, she only demanded that they keep the noise to a bare minimum. The sound of water came from the bathroom as warm, clean water gushed out from the shower, washing away the grime. Gu Jun rewarded himself with a good bath. His mental corruption rate was still as high as 24.68 percent, the missions that he had been secretly doing in the past few days only managed to lower it by 0.1 percent. Regardless, he felt more refreshed after the bath. The vines around his legs had all wilted away, leaving behind some surface scars. However, his whole body and face were covered in purplish-red scars...

    "It's okay." Gu Jun smiled at her. "I used to be quite handsome so I'm used to people staring but I guess now it'll be for a different reason." He had Kathlyn take care of the others while he retreated to the smaller room that did not have an attached bathroom. After he entered the simple wooden-floored bedroom, Gu Jun sat down on the chair near the bed. There was an old black landline sitting on the dresser. He tried to remember their moment of telepathy in Dreamlands and Wu Siyu's voice when he was semi-conscious until a ripple surged through his heart.

    "Dirty-minded Yu, I hope you're more receptive this time." He said to himself as he picked up the phone. He made the same call again...

    With a click, the call was connected. "Hello?" The lazy voice said, the tone was unchanged from before.

    "..." Gu Jun remained silent but this time he closed his eyes and tried to form a connection in his mind. Internally he shouted, 'Wu Siyu, Dirty-minded Yu, Tamarine! I, Gu Jun, am not dead, I am back!' This continued for about 10 seconds until her yawn came through the line. "Who is it, is anyone there?"

    Gu Jun made his breathing more conspicuous to signify that someone was indeed there. He mumbled silently, 'Gu Jun, Gu Jun, Gu Jun...'

    Gu Jun was getting desperate, he could hear the television volume being picked up in the background and then came the sound of someone munching on chips. This young woman had clearly put down the phone, as she returned to her drama-chasing... According to legend, she would have died in her sleep, is it because she had entered the Dreamlands as they thought or could it be something as mundane as high cholesterol level due to obesity?

    'How could she be so free?' This thought crossed Gu Jun's mind. 'Wait, she has transferred to the Recreational Department, hasn't she?' At that moment, a satisfied burp came from the line. Gu Jun was still trying to summon her but it was to no avail. But something suddenly caught his eye, the television. Perhaps the key was not for her to hear it, but to see it. After all, they had managed 100 percent accuracy rate in their Ganzfeld Experiment. 'I should try vision telepathy, that might be more effective.'

    Gu Jun kept the phone connected while he picked up Tom's phone to find a picture of salt on the internet. 'My mental connection with Dirty-minded Yu should be strong, our telepathy would have left some traces between us, this distance is nothing!' He focused on the picture on the phone and like how he did it so many times in their Ganzfeld training, he transferred the image to her. After about 10 seconds, suddenly, Gu Jun could hear Wu Siyu's curious voice saying, "Hmm... what is this taste... Salt?"

    'It's working!' He exclaimed internally but quickly tampered himself. He could not allow any distraction. He searched for another picture and sent it again, this time it was the picture of a surgical knife. The volume of the television was lowered, Wu Siyu appeared to have picked up the phone again. Her voice that came next sounded so close. "Dirty-minded Jun?"
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