215 Destiny

    Chapter 215: Destiny

    After putting down the phone, Gu Jun massaged his pounding temple and let loose a laugh. Thankfully, as eccentric as Dirty-minded Yu was, she was not dumb, she had gotten everything he had sent him. Without the call as a medium, the connection snipped off immediately, it was like the pathway had been closed. This kind of long-distance ESP connection was extremely draining. If not for his depleting mental power and the suspicion that a long call might arouse, he really did hope to chat longer with Dirty-minded Yu, the sound of her voice really confirmed that he had truly returned.

    Even though objectively speaking, it had not been that long since that night at the Island of the Old Manor, it felt like a lifetime had passed for Gu Jun. "Looks like nothing is wrong at Eastern State and everything is fine in China too."

    "I have no clue." Gu Jun admitted coolly, "But I believe the five of you are destined for a greater mission, which is to prevent the age of collapse from happening and to prevent the world from heading towards ruination." That was his responsibility as well.

    Hearing that, they frowned silently. Finally it was Aquamarine who grumbled, "But our settlement is still waiting for our return to save them..."

    "No, that is in the future that has not yet happened." Gu Jun encouraged them, "As long as we can change the present, that future will not happen." The five looked at each other, yes, they were interested but they were not naïve. To stop the age of collapse? They could barely stop the Ossarian Invasion.

    Noticing their roller coaster of emotion, Gu Jun told Gold and the rest to stay behind in the room while he had Peacock and Malachite follow him to the smaller room. Peacock would translate while Malachite was put under hypnosis. Drawing out Malachite's other personality came with its own risk, what if this 'Tom' wanted to call the police? So Gu Jun decided to take this slowly. His plan was to first draw out as much information as he could and then regardless of the original personas' trustworthiness, he would have the land's travellers maintain the main control of the bodies. The two personalities could communicate internally and even swap if they wanted to but the land's travellers had to be the dominant personality. This was unfair to the original personality but desperate times called for desperate measures.

    After Malachite was hypnotized, Gu Jun thought it would be easy to summon out Tom but it was much harder than he anticipated. When Tom did show up, he was in a very withdrawn and drained state. His reflex was slow and lax. He did revive somewhat after some hypnosis. After Gu Jun broke down the barrier between the two personalities, Tom and Malachite could appear at the same time, but the connection was very unstable. The harmonious co-existence like the one Peacock and Kathlyn shared appeared to be very unique.

    Gu Jun's work with Gold, Aquamarine and Amberlite supported that observation. They responded the same way as Malachite did or even worse. Their original personalities were of no help at all, they could not remember anything from their time in the Dreamlands. All they could remember were bits and pieces of their original lives. But they were certain that none of them had known each other before. They were not even from the same city, their residence stretched as far as the entire Australia.

    Kathlyn/Peacock was the anomaly... Gu Jun couldn't help but turn to study 'them'. There had to be a reason behind this anomaly, if it was the shadow's purposeful arrangement, what was the reason?

    "All five of us have studied the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan to the fifth chapter." Peacock was equally clueless regarding this. "So we should have equal mental power."

    "I..." Kathlyn suddenly revealed. "I believe I used to stay around here when I was a child, but I'm not sure if that means anything or not."
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