218 Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan Training Syndrome 2in1

    Chapter 218: Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan Training Syndrome (2in1)

    'Changes in their way of thinking?' Gu Jun was alerted immediately. "What do you mean?"

    "Mainly it comprises changes to their personal preference." Wu Siyu stared at the cotton candy cloud on stage. "For example, they used to like cotton candy but now they favor rock candy. As a member of the Recreational Department, I notice this quite easily. Oh, there is another curious change, they all have adopted a preference for the color yellow."

    "Yellow? The color of earth?" He asked. Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan was suspected to originate from the teaching of the earth's gods so could that be the reason why?

    "That was the same hypothesis that Phecda came up with as well, yellow earth. In fact when I was close to them, I could sense the smell of dirt on them. However, there did not appear any change to their personality."

    "Are there signs of thought disorder?" Gu Jun pressed, "Like thought deprivation or thought insertion?" These were both terms from psychiatry. Thought deprivation was having one's thought pulled away by an external force while thought internal was having thoughts that did not originate from one's mind forcibly injected into one's brain. Neither could be controlled by the subject, they were most common among victims of schizophrenia. Gu Jun had questioned Tom, and Kathlyn about it before. After that fated birthday party, other than illusory hearing, they occasionally suffered from these symptoms of thought disorder. And Gu Jun himself had experienced thought insertion when he travelled between the two worlds. He wondered if any of these were related.

    "I have no clue but I heard the psychiatrists from the Medical Department have decided to treat these as signs of mild and unobstructive schizophrenia." Wu Siyu answered. "This was because the members are still highly functional, and they do not suffer from other symptoms. Other than these few minor curious changes to their individual preferences, they are perfectly healthy. To prevent the stigma, Phecda temporarily names this as 'Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan training syndrome,' and for now there appears to be no negative effect. Oh, right. There's one more thing. According to the members, they have experienced more vibrant dreams. Based on this situation, the Spell Department and the Angell's Order had done more research on it but they could not find any similarity among the dreams, so temporarily the diagnosis was it was due to the overactivity of the subconscious."

    "Hmm..." Gu Jun murmured darkly. Other than way of thinking, the physical body should have transmuted as well, he had mastered the first chapter so he knew that to be the truth. Then again the change to one's nervous system was harder to detect.

    "Dirty-minded Yu, where are you in your training?" He asked.

    "In fact it was Ruoxiang who was the first to break through to the fifth chapter. From that, everyone speculated that doctors probably do have affinity with spell learning." Wu Siyu commented.

    Gu Jun's heart sank. Monitor was such a studious person and she would never lose to others in terms of learning but now...

    "Has any changes occurred to the monitor?"

    "Yes, the taste I have whenever I'm around her has changed. The smell of formalin has lightened tremendously, and it has been replaced by the taste of dirt." Gu Jun asked about the other 2 members who were at the fifth chapters, they were neither new recruits nor from the angell's order. They did not seem suspicious but if no one seemed suspicious then everyone was suspicious. His anxiety deepened.... There was only one Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan, making it a precious artifact, could the uprising be related to it?

    He then asked about the function of the few deciphered chapters, had the spell department experimented on them?

    "This problem has been a thorn in Elder Tong's side." She sighed. Gu Jun had reported to Phecda about concepts like sacrifice and mental corruption before, and the experiments by the Spell Department had proven that his warning was well justified. The 10 members who participated in the experiment of casting the spell from chapter 1 had shown varying rates of S value depletion. Some even reported headache and convulsions. The first chapter was about summoning. "The summoned creatures are the giant bats that Chen Defa had summoned inside the cave. Currently Phecda has named them as Nightgaunt. They supposedly adopt some kind of mental existence, and they can be controlled. The nightgaunts are heavily aggressive and should be great in battle. Many experimental animals were scared witless in their presence."

    Wu Siyu continued, the second and third chapters were about communication with the land and strengthening of mental power. The fourth chapter apparently was about a deeper communication and the fifth chapter was another one on summoning but no one had tested it before. There was no outstanding experiment scheduled for it. This was because Elder Tong was worried that the experiment might cause the members to go crazy...

    "That is entirely possible..." Gu Jun concurred. A price had to be paid to gain the power. For example, his mental corruption rose to 10 percent after he casted the spell from the first chapter. But he had not trained the second, third and fourth chapters before, would they make spell casting less draining? He would need to ask Peacock and the rest.

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    Gu Jun then contemplated why the traitorous party had not made any move yet. Then it hit him. Phecda was armed not only with spells but also heavy firearms. Even with a band of Phecda Warriors, the land's travellers were no match for the Ossarians so it meant that spell casters could still be overwhelmed by brute force. Therefore, without outside intervention, the traitorous party within Phecda would not dare to show their hands so soon, it was probably why they had used his name as bait instead. He wondered what kind of goal they were going for...
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