221 Transmission Tower

    Chapter 221: Transmission Tower

    The scalding sun shone relentlessly on the barren land. The squat mountains stretched down the horizon and all the bushes they saw along the way were wilted and leafless, the place probably had not rained for quite some time already. All signs of life had been drained away. As the two cars raced down the road, a heavy dust storm trailed behind them. Gu Jun and Kathlyn had been driving for about 3 hours on the western desert of Australia already. From uninhabited desert to gradual appearance of transmission towers, from desert roads to tarred streets. The GPS showed that they were only 10 km away from Warburton, this small town was settled not far away from an intersection.

    "If only our tribe has this 'car'..." Along the way, Peacock gave many similar lamentations. In fact Malachite had already come up with battle tactics should they have access to cars in Dreamlands. With cars, they could have easily trample over the horses of the Ossarian riders. Before they departed, they bought a set of walkie-talkie at the gas station and that was how they maintained communication.

    "Damn it, the GPS has broken down again." Kathlyn cursed. The GPS had gone down and she realized she had lost telephone signal too, things were just getting worse. She groused, "You see why I couldn't wait to get away from this place. It's been decades since I've been here but nothing has changed, it's still as backwards as ever!"

    Gu Jun's frown locked deeper. The GPS system in his own car had gone down as well, this couldn't be a coincidence... He glanced at Gold and Aquamarine at the backseat through the rearview mirror and asked, "Did you guys feel anything like any disturbance in the space?"

    Gold's original personality Cers Wang translated the question for Gold. "Why would you suddenly ask a question like that?" Gold, Aquamarine as well as Peacock and Malachite in the other cars were quite confused. To be honest, they had been too focused on sightseeing to notice anything. Regardless, all of them said that they did not feel anything... but they also knew that the Nightmare Man had the most acute senses of them all. The cars drove for a while longer and Gu Jun suddenly narrowed his gaze. Far down the straight highway, there was another transmission tower.

    "Look!" He said darkly, "It's that same transmission tower." This time he was confident, even though most transmission towers looked the same, the angle the electrical wires were dangling from the tower couldn't be replicated so perfectly. Combine this observation with the fact that the GPS and phone signal had gone down, his heart tightened with bad omen.

    "Erm..." Kathlyn was stumped. Even Tom asked in confusion. "Based on the GPS before it shut down, we should have reached that turn already."

    Gu Jun's eyes focused again and a conflicted feeling rose within him. It was that damn transmission tower again. Even though his mental corruption had dropped down to 21.68 percent, he still had trouble managing his emotions. He felt the urge to slam a fist into the dashboard.

    "Look." With jagged breathing, he warned. The space was distorted and so was his mind.

    "Mother**er..." Kathlyn cursed loudly, "It does look like the same transmission tower, the wild grass that grows around the base are the same." Now even she could notice it, in fact all the land's travellers noticed it too. From God knows when, their two cars had entered an endless loop.

    "We better stop now." Gu Jun announced. The things that happened here and the things that happened at Phecda's headquarters were definitely not a coincidence. He could sense the danger around them now... He thought he would have time to launch his own investigation and meet up with Wu Siyu to find the suspects... Find some uses for the two remaining sweet dreams, and get to the bottom of the mystery around the land's travellers but it appeared like time was not on his side. If this was a ticking bomb, it was about to explode soon.

    'Why?' Gu Jun's mind was fuzzy. 'Why now? What is so special about this timing? Why the desperation? Why make the move now?' Suddenly he was reminded of something Dirty-minded Yu said, "With her talent and hard work, Wang Ruoxiang was now at fifth chapter and apparently she was close to mastering it already."

    'After she is done with the fifth chapter, with Ruoxiang's talent and Phecda's urgency, she will be the first to engage with the sixth chapter...

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    'The traitors do not want that to happen?' Some thoughts were flitting through his mind but none seemed concrete enough.
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