224 Sound

    Chapter 224: Sound

    Staring at the spiral triangle on the screen, Wu Siyu seemed to see it spinning and moving like an optical illusion.

    "Siyu, what are your thoughts?" Elder Tong's voice pulled her back. Everyone knew about the close mental connection Wu Siyu and Gu Jun once shared so they looked at her with anticipation but she shook her head. "No idea, I've not seen this before." The others were silent. They were thinking, 'How come she did not receive the message?' Before she arrived, they were discussing this. 'Is it because she did not study the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan enough? But Cai Zixuan, who stopped at chapter 3, did receive it, and Elder Tong did not, so that did not appear to be the case.'

    Then there were two members who came from the Angell's Order, Chen Zhaoliang and Yang Ying. There were so many people in the room that it was impossible for her to recognize all of them. Her main responsibility at the Spell Department was to provide food and accommodation, so technically she did not have much interaction with the members. She closed her eyes for a moment and tried to feel the room but found nothing either.

    "You have no idea at all?" Elder Tong asked again as confusion appeared on his face. "Nothing?"

    Over the past year, it was Wu Siyu who had been holding onto hope, she had been urging Phecda to bring back Gu Jun's body and she had been doing research on her own about the Dreamlands. Everyone knew about that so they shared Elder Tong's confusion, because she should be the most excited of them all.

    "Perhaps it was the midnight oil..." Wu Siyu pressed her forehead, "The brain is drawing a blank."

    Wu Siyu wanted to open her eyes but she could not, it was like the dream had claimed her. The strange feeling was muddling her thoughts and sense, preventing her from confirming whether it was Dirty-minded Jun or not. However, her instinct told her to not react to the voice no matter what.

    "You don't believe it's me? Siyu, I can't hold onto this connection any longer, just come and take a closer look, you'll see that it's me..." She could see a yellow spiral triangle behind the figure, it looked like a seal. Or a whirlpool that was sucking her in. 'Could it really be Dirty-minded Jun? This is the real Dirty-minded Jun...? No, of course not, stop listening to it...' She scrunched up her brows in focus as she tried to latch onto the details inside candy cotton dream...

    "Siyu, please, you're the only one who can save me. It's me! Don't you want to save me? Please, just look at me and you'll know it's me!"
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