225 Trap

    Chapter 225: Trap

    "It is really me, just come here and take a look..." The yellow spiral triangle started to spin as the figure urged in Gu Jun's voice.

    'You are not!' Wu Siyu finally calmed herself. She tasted no saltiness on her lips. 'No matter who you are, you are definitely not that kangaroo, you're not even a rat.' She stopped replying and sat down on the floor. 'Waste your time if you wish, I am not going to respond anymore.'

    "I do not have much time left..." The voice appeared to know that it had failed so it stopped calling her to get closer, instead it said, "I can gain contact with the rest of you but the method is very complicated so this might be the last chance I can do so... Only by building a dimensional portal between Dreamlands and earth that I will be able to return..." The voice became intermittent but the content could still be heard clearly, "Tonight, all you need to do is to arrange yourself in the pattern of this seal while facing the direction of hostel number 5, and activate the power of the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan. Sense it and make the connection... allow the dimensions to overlap... I need your help, the more of you the better because we only have one chance... I will be waiting for you... tonight..."

    'Tonight?' Wu Siyu now could confirm that this had to be a fake Dirty-minded Jun. She had already promised to meet up with the real Dirty-minded Jun in the sweet dream tonight so this voice could not have belonged to him. All of the sudden, her eyes flew open. The room was still very quiet. She looked at the people in the dreaming room and her heart chilled. Without that kangaroo, she would have fallen into the abyss already...'Who is behind that voice? Are they still inside the dreaming room?'

    By then, the rest slowly woke up. Most of them should have heard the voice, Siyu could see that from the excitement on their faces. But based on the rules, the group was not allowed to exchange information immediately, instead they were ushered into separate rooms next to the dreaming room and worked with Phecda members to record down everything that they had experienced in their dream. After some consideration, Wu Siyu decided to be honest about her discovery. Regarding the question, 'do you believe the voice belongs to Gu Jun', she responded with a resounding 'no', and the reason was, 'It was just a feeling, I could feel that it was not him.'

    After that, the group sat around the waiting area. Finally they could communicate with each other.

    "Ah Jun looked so much thinner." Cai Zixuan sighed, "The food there must disagree with him, there's not even someone to cook some soup for him."

    "Considering what we're facing," Lou Xiaoning shrugged. "No matter whether it's true or not, we still need to go and rescue him. After all there is no way of telling if it is him or not." The others nodded silently. The real choice that was placed before them was actually whether they were willing to take this risk or not, if yes, they might save Gu Jun or they might be in trouble; if no, then definitely Gu Jun would be lost to them. Wu Siyu knew that was the case, if not for the appearance of the kangaroo, in spite of how suspicious the voice was, she would have made the choice to take the risk. The traitorous force was probably banking on that, they did not give them much time to consider and rash decisions always led to an awful outcome...

    'What?' The group looked at each other.

    "I heard him say 'dream world' and not 'Dreamlands'," Wang Ruoxiang said with a frown. She was supported by Lou Xiaoning and Xue Ba who also heard 'dream world'.

    "Siyu probably heard a slightly different message than the rest of us did." Prof Jiang offered. Wu Siyu frowned with apprehension, 'I've been trapped...?' The voice knew that she did not believe him so they purposely laid down this trap, it appeared like she was the only one who heard the term Dreamlands being used.

    "Probably Sister Siyu did not catch it that clearly?" Zheng Jialiang said and scratched his head while explaining, "The voice was quite blurry after all and Sister Siyu has synesthesia. With her unique background, it is not impossible for her to mishear the voice, right?" Hearing that, most people turned from confusion to understanding.

    Wu Siyu's heart twitched. She looked at Zheng Jialiang's harmless and youthful face, thinking, 'What is this guy up to...?'

    Everyone wanted the message to be true because they wanted to rescue Gu Jun. Zheng Jialiang's seemingly kind words were meant to undermine her power of persuasion. Due to their eagerness, the rest was willing to buy into his words and believed that Siyu had most likely misheard the voice.

    "That is possible." Prof Jiang added, "From what we gathered, those who have lesser training of the tome gleaned less information and blurrier messages." Wang Ruoxiang, Gao Yi, and Zhang Zuodong, all three of them heard dream world; so did the members who reached chapter 3 and 4, they all heard dream world; instead it was those, whose study only reached chapter two, who could not be certain, their testimonials ranged from 'island', 'Dreamlands' to 'Dream World'...

    For example, Cai Zixuan had trouble recalling the message despite his close relationship with Gu Jun, so it was not unlikely that Wu Siyu had misheard, this was not an issue regarding the bond of relationship but their level of training with the tome.

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    "No, I did not mishear anything..." Wu Siyu knew that she was cornered. She looked at the faces around her and for a moment, they all looked unfamiliar to her, "I know that Gu Jun is still alive but that was not his voice, it was trying to trick us."
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