227 Unknown Ritual

    Chapter 227: Unknown Ritual

    Night came eventually. A crescent moon and million stars decorated the dark sky. The constellations, which were hidden by smog in the city, were perfectly visible in the countryside. Rohini of the Tauri sat next to the crescent moon, glowing faintly in yellow. The team designated their mission at an outdoor experimental field outside the Spell Department. This place was originally a field used for experiment so it was situated quite a distance from the nearby base and hostel. The perimeter was set up with cameras and guard towers posted with snipers. Drones flew across the sky, ready to unload their bullets if necessary. The tanks, armored cars, and missile launchers were in place. Should anything bad happen, this piece of land would be levelled.

    35 members of the team and the group of Action Department members had all drafted their wills. For the higher-ups, this mission was not only to save Gu Jun, it was also an experiment to open a channel to Dreamlands so they had to be ready to be faced with any possible enemy. At that moment, many people were gathered inside the headquarter's surveillance room. "This mission will have a lasting influence.""Hopefully it's a good one."

    "Is everyone ready?" Even though Xue Ba was not the one with the most advanced training when it came to the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan, his Special Mobile Force experience made him the leader of this team. He said seriously, "we might only have one chance. If it is really Gu Jun, we will definitely save him; If it is the enemy, we will apprehend them." Gao Yi, Zhang Zuodong nodded. Wang Ruoxiang took a long meaningful look at Wu Siyu to her left and whispered, "Siyu, remember to keep calm no matter what."

    Due to Zheng Jialiang's subtle wordplay and influence, everyone was brought to believe that Wu Siyu was too mentally frazzled to be standing there but everyone knew about her special mental bond with Gu Jun so she was given a special permission by Elder Tong. To everyone's hidden relief, she was not allowed to carry firearms.

    "Okay." Wu Siyu nodded and ended the conversation.

    "Then let us begin." Xue Ba looked at his teammates. Lou Xiaoning and Yu Xiaoyong nodded in return. They had no idea what would happen, but they were sure this ritual would greatly drain their mental power, and time was necessary for one's mental power to recover, so he was not speculating when he said they only had one chance that night.

    "Command central, we have spotted a dimensional distortion!"

    "We have lost aim of the targets! Repeat, loss of vision, we cannot aim at the targets!"

    A ripple appeared in the middle of the field. The snipers on the towers reported immediately. Due to the distortion, their scopes were rendered useless. Looking through the heat sensors, the shapes of the team members had melted into a glob with their surroundings. At the same moment, perhaps due to signal disturbance, several drones suddenly crashed to the ground. Back at the command central, as they listened to the live report and watched the scene unfold on the monitor, they were all nervous as hell. But no one made an order to stop the ritual because no one could tell for sure if this was not just an effect of the portal to Dreamlands being opened. According to Xue Ba's description, when Gu Jun summoned the white ship, the dimension was disturbed as well. This appeared to mean that the mission of opening the portal was successful but the problem was they had no idea where the portal would lead...

    "Elder Tong, should we do something?" Prof Shen asked anxiously.

    Elder Tong though was suddenly assaulted by a headache, his mind too was affected by the corruption...

    "Did you hear that? The singing?" Elder Tong's hoarse question startled Prof Shen and the rest, but soon they understood what Elder Tong meant. There was a song that seemed to be coming from the field while at the same time echoing inside their heart. Was it the team members in the field who were singing?

    But that could not be true because the song floated on the grace of a female voice, it flowed freely as a river and evoked the melancholy of loneliness. It rang through the night and slipped into everyone's heart.

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    "Along the shore the cloud waves break,
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