229 Madness 2in1

    Chapter 229: Madness (2in1)

    The yellow light in the sky dimmed, the single star appeared to be swaying, like the transmission tower underneath it. The heavy-duty tires which had already dug deep into the ground were still rolling, causing a storm of sand and dust. The truck continued to push forward, bending the frame even further. The tower eventually tumbled towards the direction of the truck. The children stopped singing. Confusion colored Holly's young face before she crawled into her mother's embrace. "Mummy, I had a nightmare."

    That sent renewed hope to the citizens as well as the land's travellers. They knew the strange ritual had been disturbed!

    "How about we push on the horns altogether?" Kathlyn suggested, "That should interrupt the singing right?" Peacock already understood what car horns were, it was as loud as the shout of ten thousand people. She agreed immediately, "yes, let's make everyone's car scream!"

    Thankfully, the others had gotten used to the strange vernacular of these people so they quickly crawled back into their cars. The car horns of all the vehicles inside the circle rang noisily. It was shrill and loud, causing their eardrum to buzz. The children all closed their eyes and pinched their faces in pain. But it was clearly working, with this din, the already weak singing voice was almost drowned out. Ironically just like the lyric, her voice was dying.

    Beep, beep! The car horns echoed through the night. Some of the citizens who were kneeling in the desert suddenly came to. They staggered up from the kneeling position when they noticed the headless bodies flanking them. They screamed and started to run.

    "Come over here!" Kathlyn and Tom shouted, "Stay at the outer perimeter." Out of concern for contagious disease, these newcomers were not allowed inside the circle. At the same time, at the transmission tower, the truck was still pushing, it did not appear like it would stop until the tower crashed. Hearing the noisy car horns, a chill smirk rose on Gu Jun's face. 'That's right! Make all the noise you can to disturb this ritual!'

    'Huh?' Wu Siyu was startled by this sudden sentience of her friends but she knew to latch onto the opportunity, she screamed, "Everyone, stop channeling the tome's power, the ritual is consuming your mind, you have to sever the connection now! Cut it off! Zheng Jialiang is a traitor, be careful of him!" Hearing that, the group quickly made use of this temporary weakness in the ritual to pull back their mental connection.

    "Siyu.... Confiscate the guns..." Wang Ruoxiang said weakly, as Siyu expected, there was still some consciousness of the girl within her. Wu Siyu moved to oblige. She hurried to confiscate the weapons from Wang Ruoxiang, Xue Ba, Lou Xiaoning and the rest. She armed herself with one while disarming the others. Her legs were turning into noodles but at least she had a weapon to protect herself now. She aimed the pistol right at the head of the angered and confused Zheng Jialiang.

    After a while, those who did not study in depth into the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan were slowly snapping out of it.

    "Ah!" Cai Zixuan howled. Despite the cold sweat on his face, he was the first to sever the connection but he could barely stand up from the exhaustion. He was filled with indignation and disappointment... his best friend was still dead and this mission was a failure to begin with. Looks like the soup had been prepared for nothing. Cai Zixuan suddenly charged at Zheng Jialiang and punched the latter right in the face, knocking him to the ground.

    "How dare you..." Zheng Jialiang shrieked like a caged beast. He growled in anger, "How dare you! I am the descendent of Hastur, your future king, how dare you treat your king like this!" Everyone could now see how madness had gotten hold of Zheng Jialiang. They tried to connect this madman with the polite Xiao Liang but that only muddled their mind further.

    "You have ruined everything, you bunch of idiots, pigs..." Zheng Jialiang stood up unsteadily. Blood poured out the corner of his lips. Seeing the yellow light fade away, veins popped on his forehead. He wailed in anger and pain. "You've stopped the arrival of Carcosa, tragedy will befall you..."

    "Don't you worry about us." Wu Siyu pulled the trigger and spark flew. "because yours is arriving now." The bullet hit Zheng Jialiang's right calf. He collapsed back to the ground. Fresh blood gushed out but there was no fear on his face. He kept on mumbling incoherently. "Ha ha ha... You have angered the brotherhood... You could have been royalty in the new kingdom, Sister Ruoxiang, Sister Siyu, you could have been my concubines! But you do not know how to treat your king correctly. People like you do not deserve a place in my kingdom..." Zheng Jialiang started to laugh. "Have you seen your yellow secret spell? That shall usher in your death tonight." The man was truly mad, even his words made no sense but for some reason, Wu Siyu, Cai Zixuan could not help but feel the truth in his words. Was it because there were still others like Wang Ruoxiang who had not severed their connection to the rituals? Or their minds were too muddled to make sense of anything?

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    Even though the stars had returned, Rohini still shone the brightest. The ritual had been disrupted, but the brotherhood behind it... they were still doing something...

    "Are you sure that is not a stage prop?" Wang Ruoxiang asked. Her eyes shone with a dangerous glint. Other than Wang Ruoxiang, most members of her team including Gao Yi, Zhang Zuodong, Yu Xiaoyong and the rest had all moved to stand beside Zheng Jialiang.
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