230 Guillotine

    Chapter 230: Guillotine

    Under the gloomy sky, inside the giant arena, the audience members were silent. This yellow human ocean appeared to pollute the very air with the essence of the yellow sign. The citizens who were teleported there were dumbstruck.

    "Oh God damn..." The people repeated dumbly like they did not know what else to say. They saw that even the strange man in the man had been stunned into shock, he did not appear to expect this sudden change either. Children like Holly stuck helplessly to their parents, some were already crying but the sound of their crying only intensified the absurdity of the situation. It felt like millions of eyes were staring at them but none of them really existed. 'Are these people real or fake? Is any of this real or fake?' These questions permeated the minds of the people who were not corrupted, but they were fearful to know the answer, sometimes ignorance is bliss. The people also noticed some changes to the things around them. Cars had been turned into stone, guns into plastic and even baseball bats into papers... Everything was going askew.

    "You, you..." Zheng Jialiang stuttered. He tried to look but could not glance through the shrouded faces. "What are you doing?!" He turned towards the audience members and none of them responded to him... Then he saw a small figure in yellow walk towards him. Instantly he demanded in anger. "Mr. Wang Erde, what is the meaning of this?" This Mr. Wang Erde was only 1 metre tall and his face too was shrouded. If one stared closely enough, one would realize his skull was slightly deformed and he had an ugly, old face filled with scratch marks.

    "Release me! I am the descendant of Hastur..." Zheng Jialiang proclaimed.

    "You are not." A faded but firm voice came from the small body. The small figure dropped a yellow paper onto Zheng Jialiang's head and continued in a hoarse voice, "The throne was never yours and the crown will never be yours, you are just an idiot who cannot even complete a simple task."

    "Ah..." Zheng Jialiang widened his eyes in shock. Anger and despair crawled onto his face. "Mr. Wang Erde, you, you..." Wu Siyu and Cai Zixuan frowned. 'What is happening?'

    "No..." Wu Siyu said softly. She wanted to raise her voice but her voice left her. "No, Dirty-minded Jun is still alive..." But she had no idea where he was so she did not want to give them anymore false hope.

    "Please don't view me as the enemy because that idiot has gotten at least something right." Wang Erde continued, "A new kingdom will rise in this world. All of us here will be its founder but some of you still have not realized that, but no matter because that will be fixed soon." The voice suddenly rose in volume, "Yes, it will!"

    Suddenly, the tattered robes of the audience members flapped noisily. A giant wave of mental energy crashed onto the stage and the singing resumed.

    "The king has not yet arrived, but we already have Cassilda with us, don't we?" The small figure turned around to glance at Wang Ruoxiang who was standing not far away. He continued in his loud sermon, "Cassilda, Cassilda! Have you forgotten the picturesque scenery of Lake Hali, forgotten how you have serenaded it? Have you forgotten your name, Cassilda?"

    The strange glow that previously occupied Zhang Jialiang's eyes now gathered within Wang Ruoxiang's eyes. She responded in a voice eerily similar to the female singing voice, "Then Mr. Wang Erde, where is my crown?"

    The mental pressure pressed down on the semi-conscious Phecda members like Xue Ba, and Lou Xiaoning. They lost control of their bodies and knelt down on their knees.

    "Ah!" Only Cai Zixuan and Wu Siyu remained standing but they were powerless to do anything. They saw a figure in yellow hand an exquisite crown to Mr. Wang Erde, the crown was shining with multi-colored jewels. The small figure carried the crown and walked towards Wang Ruoxiang who had bent down to accept the crown.

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    "Monitor, wake up..." Cai Zixuan pleaded.
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