231 Stranger 2in1

    Chapter 231: Stranger (2in1)

    The scent of blood lingered in the wind as it permeated the entire stone open-air arena. Despite the distance, the normal citizens like the Jacksons could see and hear what was happening in the middle of the stage, especially the horrible scream that pierced through their hearts. The head rolled onto the ground and its pair of despairing eyes seemed to stare at them through the distance, causing every hair on their bodies to stand. Some of the children were too scared to even cry while the adults were frozen by fear.

    "What are these people...""Demons, demons...""No, no!" The presence of death enveloped them. The kneeling headless bodies had been transported onto the arena alongside them. The young man who was decapitated knelt into place, it was not hard to imagine what would happen to them next. Be it adult or children, they would all be turned into headless torsos kneeling on the ground, singing that awful song.

    "No." Mrs. Jackson held onto her daughter and pleaded with the strange group of people, "Please, you have to help us, I'm begging you!" Mr. Jackson and the others followed suit, they were hoping the strange group of people would save their lives.

    "I, I don't know what to do either..." Kathlyn stammered helplessly. She had no idea what was happening, she did not recognize those people in white and blue uniforms nor did she recognize the figures in yellow robes. But it was clear that the latter was preying on the former.

    "Is this the power from the tome? It sure feels like it." Peacock though was confused by another distressing observation. The song around them carried with it the power of the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan but there was something different about it. The song evoked a sense of disgust from Peacock, Malachite, Gold, Amberlite and Aquamarine; it was not dissimilar to how they felt when they tried to study the sixth chapter.

    Other than that, they were confused by the identity of the people in blue and white uniforms. Compared to people like the Jacksons, these people had more resemblance to the land's travellers. Due to that, Peacock's group felt an indescribable kinship to them. At that moment, the nightmare man suddenly spoke to the Jacksons, "Stay here and don't move."

    "Peacock and the rest of you, come with me." He ordered seriously as he made his way to the centre of the stage. "I'm going to give you a quick lesson so listen closely!"

    "Okay." The land's travellers followed with determination while Kathlyn and the rest were scared and confused, "We're really going over there?""Oh god..."

    "Are you ready?" The small figure asked. Wang Ruoxiang bent her head lower so that the small figure could put the jeweled crown on her head. She croaked out, "Yes." As desperate as Wu Siyu and Cai Zixuan were, they could only watch as the beautiful crown settled on Wang Ruoxiang's head. It fit snugly like it was perfectly made for her. When the crown found its new owner, Wang Ruoxiang's eyes changed again, they turned fathomless like the waters of Lake Hali. "Every kingdom is built from blood and every throne propped up by skulls."

    The small Wang Erde asked. "Your power comes not from the crown but you have given the crown its power. Listen to your inner voice, what shall we do to the futile resistance?" When he spoke, the beady eyes were already scanning the two young people who still refused to kneel down.

    "Off with their heads!" Wang Ruoxiang turned to look at her former friends. "I bequeath unto them the yellow sign." Gao Yi, Zhang Zuodong and the rest concurred with a fevered echo of her command, "Decapitate! Decapitate!" They were out for blood! Only fresh blood would turn the color of Lake Hali brighter, the air of Carcosa more fragrant.

    The figures in yellow robes nodded. The large executioner handed the sword that was still bleeding over to Wang Ruoxiang. The latter slowly walked towards her victims. The audience members had quieted down, they were waiting for the sound of the decapitation, it was their king returning to them. The yellow signs decided one's life. The citizens placed at different parts of the stage were gripped in fear, the execution that was still fresh replayed in their minds...

    "Monitor..." Cai Zixuan struggled until his face grew sweaty. He looked at the approaching Wang Ruoxiang and he uttered with difficulty, "Don't, we're doctors... we're doctors who graduated from Eastern State University..." Wang Ruoxiang continued to shuffle forward like death itself. Cai Zixuan's voice weakened until it could barely rise above a whisper. At that moment, Cai Zixuan was suddenly reminded of his years back at the university, the textbooks filled with human anatomy, the lectures, lab rats, experiments, exams, his friends... as tired as the days were, he missed them dearly. Cai Zixuan sighed in his heart and the final thought that he had was of his parents. He wished for a bowl of his mother's soup.

    "Fuck..." Lou Xiaoning glared with her only eye. Even missiles would be of no use now. Xue Ba, Yang Ying, Chen Zhaoliang... knelt helplessly as they watched Wang Ruoxiang walk towards Cai Zixuan. The sword was hungry for more blood.

    "Ah!" Wu Siyu still had not given up. Normally she would sit rather than stand, but at this moment, she refused to bend her knees... Hope, with hope comes energy... Even if they were to die, it was better to die with hope than to die in despair... Tamarine, it did mean hope after all... The interweaving of multiple thoughts and senses gave her a surge of power. She raised her head to shout, "Listen to me, everyone, Gu Jun is still alive, he is not dead, he has returned to us! I have communicated with him, he is still alive!"

    A ripple of warmth travelled through the depressed, disappointed and angry hearts of Lou Xiaoning, Xue Ba, Cai Zixuan and the rest. 'So Gu Jun is still alive... Thank you Siyu... at least I'll die peacefully with this news.' But if there was a heaven, they really did not know how they were going to explain themselves to Gu Ju... It was not that they were not prepared for the worst but after so much training, they failed to even use one spell, that was truly disheartening...

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    "Cassilda." The small figure asked, "What are you waiting for? The King's tattered robe will forever shroud over this world!"

    Wu Siyu's face was overwhelmed with disbelief and joy.

    "Begone, begone!" The masked man continued with his attack. He and his group drew up more imprints as they moved steadily forward.

    "Ah!" Wang Ruoxiang was hit multiple times by the imprints. Every part of her body was convulsing. Two different consciousnesses were fighting in her eyes. The screams that came out from her dainty mouth echoed in the arena, distorting the song in the wind. Her legs shuffled towards the masked man with the sword but the rest of her body held her back.

    "Truly, truly..." Wang Erde was screaming as well but he only knew how to repeat this one term. "truly!"

    All the traitors and the yellow figures around them were wailing in pain and madness, it was like they were being tortured. The imprint sealed up their power and it depleted them of their energy... The disgusting imprint was causing them to lose control of their power!

    Not far away, the normal citizens like the Jacksons were awed and shocked.

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