232 Im Back

    Chapter 232: I'm Back

    Gu Jun did not recognize that mad young man who was decapitated. But based on his observation, he fitted the description of the new rising star in the Spell Department named 'Zheng Jialiang.' When he saw the yellow figures in the audience, Gu Jun understood the meaning of "Shadow Demon Dance, Madness Reign Supreme." If these weren't shadow demons, he didn't know what was. However, the people who were predicted to be dead by now were still alive, some were kneeling and others standing. There were so many familiar faces. Despite the distance, he could see them clearly. His heart warmed, it was these faces who helped him survive the ordeal when he was captured by the black merchants and Zoogs.

    Now that he had returned, he refused to witness anymore death or madness among his friends. Monitor was not a traitor, none of them were, perhaps even Zheng Jialiang did not start off as one but their minds were corrupted. It was why "Phecda Chaos, Tragedy Birth," was the latter part of the prophecy; certain events could be stopped.

    "Begone, begone!" As the wind howled, Gu Jun drew up another Ancient Seal and walked towards Wang Ruoxiang who was screaming like a madwoman. This was a technique that was recorded inside the Pnakotic Script, it was not a spell so it would not cause mental corruption. However, it would consume great mental power. This was because drawing these Ancient Seals required high coordination of the body's neural network, it was an energy formed through the collision of one's consciousness against time and space. This technology was beyond current scientific comprehension, it was impossible to explain logically. Gu Jun did not understand it, neither did the land's travellers. They were merely following the instructions inside the Pnakotic Manuscripts. They recited the spell that was technically not a spell in their mind, it had no specific meaning, it was merely a proclamation. But the activated neural signal triggered one's biological responses like a battery being charged, under this condition, when they drew the ancient seal, they could inscribe it with power through an exhaustion of their mental power.

    "Truly, truly." Wang Erde not far away was still grumbling, it was like he was responding to a completely different scenario, "Is that so, is that so..." The small and weird creature suddenly lunged forward to swipe at the masked man. In the process, even one of his red ears had fallen off. His ugly face was twisted in horror. "Is that so?!" The Phecda members who were semi-consciousness saw the masked man agilely lift up his leg and sent Mr. Wang Erde flying. The man landed with a heavy crack, it sounded his ribs broke. Mr. Wang Erde fell next to Zheng Jialiang's headless torso. The fresh blood of the young man instantly dyed the man's tattered robe red. Mr. Wang Erde coughed in pain but he kept mumbling, "Truly, truly..."a

    After he collapsed, the other figures in yellow had their protection against the Ancient Seal stripped away, the imprint dealt more pain! Wang Ruoxiang bit on her lips until blood leaked down her chin. The power of the Ancient Seal fought with the consciousness within her, the internal battlefield caused her to kneel to the ground...

    The normal citizens gasped in shock, some of the younger ones were cheering, things were finally looking up! But strangely enough, the ten of thousands of yellow shadows in the audience remained unmoved. Once again, it begged the question, 'Are they real?'

    "Ah." Cai Zixuan felt the tension release on him. The feeling of someone gripping his neck had disappeared. He could breathe and speak again. Cai Zixuan quickly urged, "Monitor, hang in there, don't lose to the demon in you!"

    "Ah?!" An impossible thought crossed Cai Zixuan's mind, his heart rose as his whole body jumped up from the ground, "It, it, it..."

    "What?" It hit Lou Xiaoning too. Her left eye widened. "Fuck, really?!"

    "Is that him?" Shock appeared on Xue Ba's face and his bushy beard shuddered. "Ah..."

    Yang Ying, Chen Zhaoliang and the other Phecda members were confused by their reactions. Similar confusion was going through Peacock and Kathlyn, how come it felt like the nightmare man knew this group of people in blue and white uniforms.

    "Guys, let's save our friends first." Nightmare Man regarded Wang Ruoxiang who was on the ground, "Dirty-minded Yu, borrow me your mental power, would you?"

    "Of course." Wu Siyu raised her hand. "But I've interacted with the tome, the nature of my power might have changed."

    "No matter, I've changed as well." The nightmare man said, "It'll only need some getting used to." Wu Siyu placed her hand on his shoulder, it had been so long since they had physical contact. She resisted the pain from the sharp scalpel and unleashed her mental power. The nightmare man walked forward and drew up another Ancient Seal. The land's travellers provided him with all they had. This time they felt something different, a new mental power was pouring in, it reacted strongly with the nightmare man's spirit, it was a good reaction.

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    "Begone!" The nightmare man waved his right hand and the new Ancient Seal shone gloriously. It flew at incredible speed and landed squarely on Wang Ruoxiang.

    That Gu Jun?

    Phecda Hero... Gu Jun?
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