233 Is that so?

    Chapter 233: Is that so?

    "Gu Jun?" Kathlyn could sense the shock within Peacock and confusion struck her. "Who is that? How come Peacock reacts like we're in the presence of some rockstar?"

    "Rockstar? What is that?" Peacock could read her thoughts and wanted to slap Kathlyn for disrespecting the Phecda Hero. Rockstar or not, nothing could be used to compare to the Phecda Hero!

    "Huh?" Kathlyn frowned. "Is he really that famous in your circle?"

    "He is our God." Peacock realized that was the most appropriate analogy.

    At the same time, Malachite asked urgently, "Mr. Nightmare Man, you said you're Gu Jun, what do you mean by that?" Gold added, "This is no joking matter!" Aquamarine asked with a shaking voice, "You just share a similar name with the Phecda Hero, right?" Either answer worried them. By now, the five knew that they had come from a future that had not occurred and they were now in the golden era where the collapse had not taken place. Perhaps Gu Jun was still alive, but how was it possible... that it was them who had saved him from the Dreamlands?

    "I am the Gu Jun you know." The nightmare man said evenly, "And over there is Wu Siyu."

    'What?!' The already stunned land's travellers turned to look at the slender young woman with short black hair. They felt struck like lightning. If Kathlyn had to make a comparison, it felt like the land travellers had just found out they won the lottery but before they could cash it in, they were told their uncle had left them with a huge inheritance.

    'But who is this Wu Siyu? Why would she cause such a reaction among the land's travellers?' The same question troubled Tom and the rest too. 'Is this yet another celebrity from their world?'

    Gu Jun led the five of them over to Lou Xiaoning who had reached the fourth chapter of the tome. He applied another ancient seal on her and then the rest of the Phecda members to help cleanse their spirit. Temporarily, they skipped over the members who had not reached chapter 3 for their spirit was not that corrupted.

    "This is awesome..." Lou Xiaoning grinned through the pain. "This is one hell of a therapy!" Gao Yi and the rest groaned in painful release. Their eyes cleared up a lot after the session and their faces relaxed from the grimace. Under Xue Ba's arrangement, other than Lou Xiaoning, the others were sequestered to the side to prevent them from further unpredictability.

    By then, the 10 people in yellow had retreated more than 10 steps away. The normal citizens around the stage started to rush towards the middle. The Jacksons were the first to run with their daughter, they knew the only way to survive was to stay close to the masked man!

    Up to hundred of citizens rushed towards the Phecda members and Cai Zixuan tried his best to keep them under control, to stop them from interrupting Gu Jun.

    "Sir, it's us! Can't you recognize us?!" Mr. Jackson screamed. He hoped that his family would be given access into the inner circle based on their previous bond with Gu Jun.

    Gu Jun ignored him as he walked towards Mr. Wang Erde. He used the sword to pick at the bloody robe and was dumbfounded to realize that the robe was empty... the strange figure inside it had disappeared. Gu Jun had been watching this heap of cloth and he was certain no one had escaped.

    "Huh?" Wu Suyi's heart twitched.

    "Be careful, there is still residual energy in the air...." Wang Ruoxiang, who was resting, warned. "Those audience... I can't be sure, but they aren't normal illusions... they are more like mental projections that originate from the force which those people were trying to summon... That Mr. Wang Erde, be careful of him..." Thinking back to what happened earlier, her expression grimaced in pain. "We mustn't allow them to summon that force..."

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    The group looked around. The anomalous environment that encaptured them did not dissipate; the dimension was still distorted. Despite the massacre and comeback, the tens of thousands of audience had not moved, they watched on silently.
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