234 A Show

    Chapter 234: A Show

    The cold gale lashed against people's faces. Panicked children hugged their parent's tightly but little did they know their parents were equally panicking. The yellow-robed audience did not move but the figures in the yellow robe and white mask did. They chanted out a heavy curse, sounding like a song of the dead. Darkness churned above them and the evil within the ground reawakened, causing the entire open-air arena to tremble!

    Xue Ba, Cai Zixuan and the Phecda members' expression changed because they could recognize the chanting as the summoning spell from the first chapter of the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan. However different from their usual training, these yellow-robed figures chanted the spell with such speed and mastery, and an undercurrent of madness coursing through it. In the blink of an eye, winged creatures flew out from all corners of the stage. They had dark fur and were the size of half an adult. They had a hook-like tail and knife-like talons. Their wings cut through the air like razors.

    These abnormal creatures, which looked like giant bats, launched themselves at the victims. They permeated the air with a horrible stench. These were... the nightgaunts!

    Gu Jun narrowed his gaze as his heart sank. The last time he encountered these creatures were outside Chen Defa's cave. These creatures should be nothing more than a mental projection meaning they posed more threat mentally than physically. But in this abnormal space, they appeared to have taken on a physical body. A claw from them would slice one's head clean off.

    "Ah!" Cai Zixuan couldn't help but gasp. Lou Xiaoning, Yang Ying and the other Spell Department members were overwhelmed by shock. 'They are too powerful...' Even though they had been training mental power daily, none of them had casted the summoning spell before. They were no match for these cultists under the best circumstances much less now when they were injured and most of them still had not shaken off the influence of the mind control. The normal citizens screamed like headless chicken and they tried to force their way through the Phecda members.

    Gu Jun was about to do something when Peacock yelled, "Why panic? These are just common nightgaunts, leave them to us!" Instantly, the five land's travellers came to a decision. The land's travellers were not the only culture who studied the Seven Cryptical Book of Hsan, as there were also Atal, Barzai and these cultists, but they were the only one who used the tome for a good purpose. The Professors in their tribe had been teaching them to use this power to protect the powerless...

    So those who dared to harm the innocent with the book would be their enemy!

    Peacock, Malachite, Gold, Aquamarine and Amberlite moved so fast that they shocked even Gu Jun. It showed their years of training and working together. They moved into the position to form a small ritual and they started to sign and cast spells. A brilliant white glow gathered within their circle and the song in the wind was blown out of tune. There was a trace of madness in their chanting, but both Wu Siyu and Wang Ruoxiang could feel the difference in their spell, theirs was a force that shone through the darkness.

    The larger nightgaunts dominated the battlefield but the nightgaunts kept coming. There were still tens of thousands of yellow figures in the audience.

    "Is that so, is it finally time for the appearance of death?" Mr. Wang Erde's crazed laughter rang out again, "Delicious death shall bring upon the silence of the spirits!" The chanting of the yellow-robed figures changed. The nightgaunts stopped appearing but a much darker energy was rapidly materializing...

    The hearts of the Phecda members tightened, these people were also using the fifth chapter!

    "They're trying to summon the actual..." Wang Ruoxiang gasped in a hurry, "Byakee..." The name just tumbled out of her lips, as if it was already somewhere in her mind.

    Gu Jun made his move, he knew that the land's travellers could not hold on for much longer but they had already outdone themselves to have forced the enemy into this corner. The enemy threw everything they had into the gauntlet.

    This space did not belong on earth, it was twisted with the geography of Dreamlands and that provided him with the perfect opportunity to unleash his skill, one that was unique to Gu Jun as the nightmare man. It was time to remove the mask. Gu Jun plucked the white mask off with his left hand and his right hand sought out something from his medical bag.

    "Ah...""Ah Jun!" When his friends saw his face, some gasped in shock while others were dumbfounded. Cai Zixuan's face was red, Lou Xiaoning cursed and Wu Siyu widened her eyes, it appeared like she had tasted something from this changed appearance of Gu Jun. Gu Jun was quite a handsome man, even though his facial feature had not changed, the purplish-red skin and numerous scars were quite a horror to look at.

    "Do not look at me, and bend down!" Gu Jun ordered loudly, "Now!" The Phecda members moved to oblige in spite of their confusion. Cai Zixuan and Lou Xiaoning relayed the orders to the normal citizens, forcing them into motion. Peacock, and Malachite realized what the nightmare man was about to do so they too turned their heads away.

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    "I hear that you enjoy entertainment, well, do I have the perfect show for you." Gu Jun raised the Carlot scalpel to pierce lightly but accurately at his eyelids, mimicking the black merchant. His current mental corruption rate was at 21.68 percent. As the familiar pain engulfed him, his consciousness slipped into the sweet dream bubble. His physical body stared at the yellow figures as his eyes widened. The gaze that appeared to have gathered the nightmare of the whole world stared right at them. "It's time for the Nightmare Wonder."
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