235 Powerful Protect the Powerless

    Chapter 235: Powerful Protect the Powerless

    "Death... Gu Jun, I know you but you do not know yourself... but you will, you will..." The stone stage was crumbling. Mr. Wang Erde crawled backwards as he screamed. Gu Jun's eyes turned as sharp as a guillotine and Wang Erde's beady eyes instantly exploded with veins. Horrid wails escaped from his throat, the other pink artificial ear fell to the ground.

    "Curses, curses..." Wang Erde scratched at his disfigured face, leaving behind one after another bloody gashes. He scratched at himself like his life depended on it, peeling off his own skin and flesh. His wails of pain mingled with his crazed laughter. This indescribable phenomenon chilled everyone present... Just how could one reach this stage of madness.

    "Is the King of Yellow not here, death has not arrived... But the crown of the King is already on your head..." Mr. Wang Erde's hands suddenly went to his neck. Despite his small stature, the man was quite powerful. With a few twists, he snapped his own neck. Blood burst out and his whole body started to convulse into a strange state. With a few final maddened croaks, the light in the beady eyes faded. Mr. Wang Erde was dead, killed by his own hands.

    "Mission reward to be retrieved: Unknown, please click to accept your reward.

    "Your mental corruption rate has lowered back to the safe zone, warning off.

    "Mastery of Strong Heart has increased by 20000 points, and levelled up! Current level 2 (0/300000 Mastery)"

    'A 10 star completion rating reward? I don't think I've scored that high before... Also the skill, Strong Heart, finally levels up, it does feel like the heartbeat is more pronounced...'

    "Compared to a kangaroo, I'm relieved that you're at least still a human." Wu Siyu studied him closely, "In terms of appearance, nothing a trip to Korea can't fix, right?"

    Gu Jun chuckled out loud before breaking into a guffaw. "I'm sure there are other ways..." The two's banter lightened the mood and their worry about Gu Jun slowly turned into something acceptable. After all, Siyu was right. The important part was that Gu Jun was still alive, everything else could be dealt with later.

    "You reminded me of a quote." As Cai Zixuan stitched, he lamented, "But no perfection is so absolute that some impurity doth not pollute."

    "Who is that from?" Gu Jun groaned, he had had enough quotes from Phecda Hero to last him a lifetime.

    "Shakespeare, of course."

    Gu Jun looked at his good friend, thankful that he had not changed, well except the number of hairs on his head as well as his skill as a doctor. The stitchwork on his eyelids was much more stable than Gu Jun remembered.

    Wang Ruoxiang and Gao Yi waited patiently for their next order when Xue Ba suddenly shouted happily, "We've gained contact! We're currently at the Gobi Desert, Phecda is sending in people to come get us already."

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    "What's the update back at the Spell Department?" Wu Siyu asked.
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