237 Cleansing Treatmen

    Chapter 237: Cleansing Treatment

    The team members, Gu Jun and the land's travellers had no trace of infectious disease on them so they were shuttled onto a private jet and sent back to the Spell Department's base at Da Hwa City. Da Hwa City was where Phecda's headquarters was located, it was adjacent to the metropolis Northern State City and it was a veritable metropolis in itself.

    Repatriation of the 300 plus normal citizens though would take longer. This was due to two reasons, one, it was unknown whether any of them was the member of this new organization, the Yellow Brotherhood; and two, they were all foreign citizens and returning them required some diplomatic haggling. Regardless, Gu Jun was spared from dealing with this because he had something more imminent to attend to. Even though he was one of the founding members of the Spell Department, this was the first time Gu Jun had entered the base. Driven by Cai Zixuan, he was given a tour of the base by Wu Siyu. The base was repurposed at one of the headquarters' old addresses. They added new buildings like admin building, Dreaming Building, Parapsychology Building, Assessment Building, Medical Study Building, Library, Canteen and hostels...

    The last stop of the tour was the Medical Building where 'project ancient seal stone cleansing' would be conducted. Since cleansing was in itself an activity of mental exhaustion and Peacock claimed that accidents had happened during cleansing for the heavily corrupted before so the project was situated here where medical attention could be immediate. At the entrance, Gu Jun encountered a familiar face who was there to greet him, Uncle Dan. Inside the Spell Department, there was only a small amount of people who knew about the mission to save Gu Jun much less the knowledge that Gu Jun had returned, but as a member of Xue Ba's Special Mobile Force as well as due to his personal relationship with Gu Jun, Uncle Dan was told the truth.

    "Ah Jun..." Uncle Dan's kind face was filled with smiles as he patted Gu Jun heavily on his back. "It's great that you're back, I've already made reservations at the club."

    "The recreational centre has all kinds of clubs," Wu Siyu explained, "Fishing club, barbeque club, chess club."

    "Fishing club?" Gu Jun frowned, "Can you fish dirty-minded fish there, if not, I'm not going."

    Gu Jun also predicted that cleansing for members who had not reached the third chapter would not pose any problem, the best examples included Wu Siyu, Cai Zixuan and Xue Ba. When they finished the cleansing, they reported that it was like going through a detoxing sauna. The real challenge was the members who suffered from Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan training syndrome.

    Lou Xiaoning who had remained mostly sentient throughout the mission survived the cleansing with a grit of her teeth; but it was not as easy for the other members, some were in such pain that their backs arched into impossible degrees while others screamed like they were being operated on without anesthetic. Cleansing of heavy corruption could not be done within a day, which meant that they had to go through the same tormenting process every 3 days. Gu Jun and the land's travellers would step in to stop the cleansing from going too far each time.

    "Aiz..." Prof Shen sighed as he watched the proceeding in the surveillance room, even Elder Tong's excitement was dampened. Even though the Spell Department was newly built, and both the leaders of the department as well as higher-ups at the headquarters had expected a rocky start but they did not expect things would go so south. These people were selected because they were the most talented members of Phecda, so why were they being punished for their hard work?

    The headquarters had not yet decided how to deal with this incident, so they decided to wait and see the cleansing effect of the stone first.

    At that moment, a heavily-monitored patient was sent into the Cleansing Room. Wang Ruoxiang, disciple of the fifth chapter, was taken under the Brotherhood's control to betray Phecda, she almost killed her teammates and was called the descendant of Cassilda by Mr. Wang Erde.

    "Monitor, good luck, I believe in you." Gu Jun comforted his old friend. "I know for sure you will pull through."

    "No matter the result." Wang Ruoxiang smiled slightly, "At least I know I would have contributed to the advancement of medical science."

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    With Gu Jun and Peacock looking on, she sat on the chair and reached out towards the rock. Instantly her brows creased and her face started to distort with pain.
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