241 Lai Hwa Tree

    Chapter 241: Lai Hwa Tree

    Since Gu Jun completed the abyssal mission under the allotted 100 hours, he got a completion rating of 10 stars. This was the first time Gu Jun got a 10 star rating. He knew the reward was going to be good. However, since the reward was not specified, he found a secluded spot at the base before he pressed the button in his mind to accept his reward. Instantly a white glow suffused his mind, rejuvenating his body.

    "You have obtained 3 sweet dreams; you have obtained 1 Carlot Autopsy Hammer; You have obtained one Lai Hwa Tree seedling." To Gu Jun's surprise, there were only 3 rewards. The sweet dreams were still the same blank sweet dream bubbles; he pulled out the Carlot hammer, the hilt was 24 cm long and the diameter of the hammerhead was 2.5 cm wide. The hammerhead was joined to the hilt, it was hefty and sturdy. It had a smooth surface and was quite easy to use. It could not be considered long for an autopsy tool, but just for that fact, it was just compact enough for Gu Jun to carry it on his person.

    The most surprising reward was definitely the Lai Hwa Tree seedling. Rewards he had received so far had all been shapeless items that only existed in his mind or medical instrument and medicine. Seedling was something that could grow into a tree and this was the first time Gu Jun obtained a living organism as a reward.

    Lai Hwa Tree was a translation from the foreign language, the term Lai meant barren field, while Hwa meant flowering, so together it meant blossoming flowers at barren wastelands, turning desert into oasis. 'Lai Hwa' carried the meaning of 'life' in the foreign language, so the Lai Hwa Tree was the equivalent of a life-giving tree in the foreign culture. Other than that, the term was also a 'spell', not a bad but good kind. Based on an educated guess, Gu Jun believed the foreign civilization to view this plant as one blessed by supernatural power, namely, the Goddess of Life.

    'Lai Hwa' had manifold meaning in the foreign language and with that, a dangerous uncertainty. Even though it was part of a 10 star rating reward, Gu Jun did not manifest the seedling into existence.

    "Living organisms are different from an inanimate object," Gu Jun thought cautiously, "especially for this kind of foreign organism that does not exist on Earth." Lai Hwa tree was a plant of good luck in the foreign culture, or at least it was once, but would it carry the same meaning on Earth?

    In terms of best case scenario, its leaves, fruit and other parts would have miraculous uses. Crucial material could be derived from the plant like how salicylic acid, the main component in Aspirin manufacturing, was derived from willow bark.

    But worst case scenario, it would contain plant viruses that could infect Earth's microorganism, flora and fauna. Gu Jun was reminded of the Malformed Banyan Disease, the banyan trees, the Son of Misfortune and Landon's love of trees. There was no telling whether the Lai Hwa Tree was a tragedy or blessing... but Gu Jun believed the system would not give him random reward, it would show its use sooner or later. Personally, he believed the seedling was a blessing, but for now caution was necessary.

    "At least that does not sound like the sweet dream of a Brotherhood member, if anything, it's more like the answer of a pageant queen." Gu Jun chided her. He opened a sweet dream bubble in his mind and entered the playhouse. After the audience member sat down, he started the play. How would one imagine world peace? He conjured up a group of people from different nationalities holding hands and singing on stage. At the same time, he summoned, "Wang Ruoxiang, Wang Ruoxiang."

    He had not bridged a mental bond with Wang Ruoxiang before, but thankfully they were physically close to each other. Soon the audience member took on the appearance of a pretty woman. Her beautiful face looked around in confusion, "Gu Jun? Is this it? Is it working?" Her voice was rather echoey but it was unclear whether it was due to her state of mental corruption or their weak bond. Regardless, Gu Jun knew the sweet dream had been established, this had become Wang Ruoxiang's domain.

    In the dream, he explained to her how it worked and then reminded her to keep it a secret. He did not know how to create blank sweet dream bubbles and he wanted to keep the whole thing a secret from Phecda. Wang Ruoxiang gave her promise, knowing the complicated bureaucracy of the organization. In the next two days, Gu Jun summoned Ruoxiang into the sweet dreams at different times to strengthen the stability of the dream and their bond.

    The 4th round of the cleansing treatment came as scheduled. It was also the first time the spell department used the opaline stone in conjunction with the cleansing treatment. During this treatment, Wang Ruoxiang's treatment time was longer than the collective time of her previous three sessions and she showed conspicuous less pain and resistance to the stone. The opaline stone showed that her corruption rate had lowered from medium yellow to dark blue. It was very successful.

    "The higher the corruption, the harder it would be to cleanse but it'll be much easier from now on. Of course, her will of steel has worked wonders as well." Gu Jun did tell the truth, he merely omitted some details.

    Yao Sinian was very satisfied. Out of his trust in Gu Jun, he did not question the sudden improvement in the result. Furthermore, the explanation given sounded valid. 2 days later, which was 2 weeks since the rescue mission, the headquarters finally announced their administrative decision regarding this incident.
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