242 Reward and Punishmen

    Chapter 242: Reward and Punishment

    This incident sent tremors through the headquarters. Developing an understanding of spell was necessary but it should not come at such a high cost. Yao Sinian and Elder Tong had done more than enough lip work to help salvage the situation. The arrival of the cleansing stone and the assessment stone helped greatly in their persuasion. The Ancient Seal technology was a game changer, at least it stopped the headquarters from making the decision to suspend the Spell Department fully. However, they did forbid Phecda members from responding to unknown rescue signals as well as conducting unknown rituals in the future, that was now a law.

    This time they were lucky but who knew what would happen next time. If the real Gu Jun did not show up on time, the most loyal members of the Spell Department would be murdered by the Brotherhood while the corrupted traitors would return to infiltrate Phecda.

    "Ah." Cai Zixuan turned to Wang Ruoxiang nervously. Wu Siyu frowned. Gu Jun asked darkly, "Elder Tong, this is the leniency that you've promised us?" Gao Yi, Zhang Zuodong, Yu Xiaoyong and the rest who showed signs of treachery during the mission either sighed or set their jaws. To sacrifice their lives on the battlefield was one thing but to be imprisoned like an inmate was another. However, no one could argue that the decision by the headquarters crossed any line. Wang Ruoxiang appeared serene like she had already predicted this result. Or it could just be a front.

    "But their 'treachery' was an irrational behavior." Gu Jun argued.

    "Ah Jun." Yao Sinian interrupted sternly, "Originally they were going to be fired and imprisoned for life but now at least they have a chance to return."

    "Have you heard of the first atomic missile project? The first batch of workers who worked on the missile had sacrificed their health due to radiation." Elder Tong turned to Gu Jun, "We are currently building an atomic bomb! Everyone should be prepared to make necessary sacrifices when they join the Spell Department, that is simply the truth."

    "Then everything's fine by me." Wang Ruoxiang flashed a smile and nodded. "I will use this time to finish a master's degree and a doctorate."

    Gu Jun frowned, a medical student, especially one who specialized in clinical medicine, trapped inside an isolated base, with no access to patients, how was she going to conduct experiments and trails?

    Cai Zixuan knew the hardship ahead as well. Their monitor was the most hardworking of them all and this truly deprived her of the full potential of her talent.

    "Don't look at me like that." Wang Ruoxiang said, "I'm really fine with it. I know I will have to abandon clinical medicine but I can still study pharmacy or other school of medicine." She said self-deprecatingly. "In fact, with all the free time I will have, I'm sure I'll release more findings in peer-reviewed journals than the both of you combined."

    Gu Jun smiled bitterly while Cai Zixuan sighed, "Sev'ral plum branches stand at the wall corner there; Ev'n in extreme cold they, alone, flow'r in delight. Monitor, good luck." Gu Jun also added, "Good luck."

    Gao Yi, Yu Xiaoyong and the rest followed Wang Ruoxiang's example and accepted their assignment, it was not like they had much choice. Their hope was that their innocence would soon be proved and the day of return won't be that long in the future. Then the members of Action Departments led them away from the conference room. Although they weren't going to be transferred immediately, they were ushered away because Elder Tong wanted to spare them from the next item on the meeting.

    Since there was punishment, there was reward as well. A simple 'failure' was too simple of a word to conclude this mission. Gu Jun did return alive, he even smoked another evil cult out of the dark, killed one of its core members and brought so many important technologies back with him. Just from the result alone, the mission was a huge success. The team members' courage was praiseworthy and so did their resistance against the dark forces.

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    Among them, Wu Siyu had performed exceptionally. Due to her warning to Elder Tong, a huge tragedy was averted. She was given a Grade 2 merit, there was no medal but it would help in her future promotion.
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