244 The Cough on the Bus

    Chapter 244: The Cough on the Bus

    The bus door opened and the public, who had been waiting at the bus stop, fought to get onboard. It was early August, the weather was humid and hot. The day was still early but the sun had already turned this seaside town into an oven. The citizens felt like they were being baked. The air-conditioning inside the bus provided great refuge so every seat was heavily-treasured.

    "Phew, this is such horrible weather.""Sir, do you mind kicking up the air-conditioning a notch?" The passengers rushed onto the bus and once they occupied their seats, they started to complain at the bus driver.

    "Cough... Hmm..." The coughs finally petered away, his breaths labored heavily for a long time before they evened out.

    When everyone thought the episode was over, the coughing returned with a vengeance. It was so intense that it shook the uncle all over. His face was red and it sounded like there was thick phlegm in his throat. The few passengers who stood around him retreated backwards. The passengers who sat next to him and in the row in front of him also quickly stood up and moved away. There were 3 empty seats around the uncle but no one wanted to take them.

    "What's going on back there?" An auntie at the front of the bus turned around. Looking down two rows, one of which was deserted, she complained, "If you're sick, at least wear a mask when taking public transport."

    Her stern warning did nothing to stop the coughs and so the auntie's complaint grew louder, "Can't you just hold it in? How about covering your mouth with your hands?"

    "Please, just stop talking!" The auntie shouted in anger. "I'm begging you, next time, if you're sick, just don't take public transport and expose your germs to others."

    Shen Haoxuan stepped in to say, "The uncle is probably taking the bus to the hospital. Uncle, how about I call a taxi for you to take you there directly instead?"

    The other passengers agreed with Shen Haoxuan or they feared the bus might be required to make a pitstop at the hospital if this continued. The uncle's face was deathly pale and he was coughing so badly that it sounded like he could barely breathe. When he was not coughing, his body was practically convulsing from all the shaking.

    "Hmm, hmm!" Suddenly, the uncle's eyes widened and his hands gripped at his chest. His head turned to the side and hacked out one loud cough, it sounded like something within him had shattered. Shock and fear filled the passengers' eyes. Both Shen Haoxuan and the auntie were startled as they saw the bloody liquid leak out from the uncle's mouth before he collapsed to the floor. However, upon closer inspection, what they thought were blood appeared more solid than liquid as it came with some red sticky eroded substances...

    It looked like something that should be inside one's lungs. Little pieces of inflamed and corroded chunks floated in the liquid. A horrible stench quickly filled up the enclosed space.

    "Ah!" A young female passenger close to the collapsed man screamed. The bloody liquid had splashed onto her dress and calves.

    "Such a nuisance!" The auntie screamed in anger. At the same time, another young male passenger was hit by the horrible stench and his stomach started to turn. Unable to hold it in, the vomit shot out of his throat. His undigested breakfast spewed forth, spraying the floor and the clothes of the people around him. Instantly the smell inside the bus got even worse, the whole car turned into a living hell, accompanied by frantic screams and complaints.

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    "Open the window, open the window!""Just stop the damn car already!"
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