245 Small Holiday

    Chapter 245: Small Holiday

    Fishing was a veritable form of exercise, Wu Siyu stressed over and over. "A whole day of sitting will fulfill a 24 hours exercising quota and by the end, you'll be rewarded with fresh catches for meals. Tell me, can you think of a better exercise?" She challenged.

    Honestly, Gu Jun did not have much interest in this 'exercise' but now, his mind changed. He could see Dirty-minded Yu's perspective. The birds sang beautifully among the trees accompanied by the bubbling brooks. Gu Jun, Wu Siyu, Peacock, Uncle Dan and his friends enjoyed an outing in the wilds, they fished and cooked fish stew. The small river was hidden worlds away from the hubbub of the city and it took them away from the business at Phecda. They wanted to enjoy these two days of break as much as they could. Inside the electric cooker propped by the river side, a fresh pot of fish stew was cooking. The smell was heavenly.

    "This is one good stew." Cai Zixuan stirred the ladle and started another one of his poems, "An egret flies over Xisai mountain. The peach blossom is bursting, water is flowing and trout are getting fat and delicious."

    "That is one familiar poem..." Wu Siyu started, "I think I've studied it in school before, what's the rest of it?"

    "A green bamboo-splint hat, a straw rain cap, why should I return while showering in this spring wind and drizzle," Gu Jun volunteered before Zixuan got the chance to show off.

    "I've already told you guys this kind of activity is not suitable for me." Uncle Dan shook his head and sighed, "I'm in the mind to see some other kinds of blossoms bursting if you catch my drift."

    "You're one salacious old man!" Lou Xiaoning scolded. Wu Siyu shrugged and Cai Zixuan chuckled, "Uncle Dan, truly a man of culture." Gu Jun joined in the laughter. His mood brightened, he had not had a proper rest since his return from Dreamlands and these two days were a great balm to his soul.

    'Hmm?' Peacock thought to herself, and asked Kathlyn, 'What are they talking about?'

    "Wow!" Wu Siyu pointed at the river and cheered, "We have a winner!"

    "Siyu, don't cheer so soon!" Gu Jun carefully held the fishing pole. After he was sure the fish had taken the bait, he yanked the pole back with one smooth motion and a fat fish flipped its tail as it flew through the air.

    Seeing that, the others whooped and cheered. Lou Xiaoning said excitedly, "This size is perfect for grilling." Cai Zixuan added, "Leave that to me."

    Soon, the stew was ready. Cai Zixuan ladled a bowl for everyone and the portion was perfect.

    "Ah..." Gu Jun took a sip of the fresh soup and was thankful that he was still alive, "Zixuan, your cooking skill has improved again."

    Wu Siyu silently finished her soup and then picked at the fish inside the cooker. "Zixuan, our restaurant's kitchen will always reserve a spot for you."

    Cai Zixuan was happy seeing the satisfied expression on his friends' faces. He clapped. "Good food, good view, good company, what else can you ask for."

    After the scrumptious soup, the group prepared to grill Gu Jun's fish but then Gu Jun's phone started to ring. Gu Jun took it out and his brows pleated. "It's Elder Tong."

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    Everyone quieted immediately. Elder Tong knew how important this holiday was to them so he wouldn't call unless there was an emergency.
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