250 Lighthouse by the Sea

    Chapter 250: Lighthouse by the Sea

    Bloody Lung Disease, Mutated Scale Disease, Petrification Disease. Not long after his return from the Dreamlands, Gu Jun warned Phecda of these three diseases using the name of Atal. Due to the many outbreaks of legionella pneumonia over the globe, he suggested Phecda to start a disease control team which would specifically monitor the national reporting of legionella pneumomia. Heeding Gu Jun's warning, Phecda communicated with the national disease control centre multiple times but the inevitable still happened.

    The lab at the outbreak source just came out with the PCR result, the bacteria was legionella pneumophilia and it was identified as a new strain. Serology test and bacterial culture result needed some more time but the prospect was not good. After Gu Jun received Elder Tong's call, the group ended their holiday and headed back to the Spell Department. By then San Hai City was officially on lockdown. However in the past 24 hours, many suspected pathogen carriers would have travelled to other cities already. Since the manga con did not require ID to enter, there was no way of telling who had attended the con. Furthermore, that was merely the confirmed activity of one patient, Shen Haoxuan. What about the other 35 passengers on the bus with him?

    The Problematic Team's mission was not only to investigate the possibility of supernatural influence but also to test to see if the Ancient Seal technology worked on the patient's treatment. Gu Jun had little hope about that, he knew the Ancient Seal did not have that kind of power, but since the headquarters wanted to give it a try, he could only hope that he was wrong.

    By 2 pm of the same day, Jiang Xin Hospital surpassed 500 cases. Other hospitals at San Hai City had reported similar cases. Due to its quick spread, this incident could not be dealt from the dark like the Malformed Banyan Disease and Nightmare Illness. Therefore, the public was notified, put on lockdown and evacuated. To be fair, in this process there was no weak link. From Huang Lin's alertness, to the disease control centre's quick response, and the combined epidemic control efforts of the many government departments, everyone had worked hard to keep the damage to the minimum. If Doctor Huang Lin failed to report the situation on time, or if the disease control centre had ignored her report, or if the leading expert, He Feng did not treat this seriously... Things might be 10 times worse than it was.

    This legionella pneumophilia strain was simply too powerful. Despite their best effort, there were over 3000 recorded cases already and the number was still climbing. Perhaps the next day they would wake up to 30000 cases or even more...

    On the plane heading towards the military base closest to San Hai City, everyone was silent. Before the plane landed, everyone put on the custom-made full body protection airtight suit. It came with an oxygen tank so that they would not come into contact with the air of the city.

    'Lighthouse?' Gu Jun ordered the driver to make that their destination. Inside the car with him were Peacock, Aquamarine, and Gold. Soon the old banyan tree came into their view. It was practically similar to the one in the picture albeit with some added age to it. A narrow pebbled path winded out from behind the tree, and a 4 story tall white-walled lighthouse stood at the end of the path. The light at the top of the building winked weakly.

    The alarm for city-wide lockdown rang then. It collided with the crash of the waves against the shore. Even through the protective suit, Gu Jun could smell the blood carried on the sea breeze. Gu Jun took a deep breath, shouldered the oxygen tank, readied his automatic rifle and led the way down the pebbled path towards the lighthouse.
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