280 The Face is Back

    10 hours after Ma Feng was placed inside the golden aloe, the other wounded were sent into 7 other aloes. Gu Jun made this decision because the stone around Ma Feng's wrist did not react in any way, this meant that the plant would not influence people's rationality. Furthermore, when Gu Jun followed the Elder Zoog's instruction and used his fingernail to poke at the aloe's leaf to stimulate it to open, they could see Ma Feng being enveloped in a layer of aloe gel. He looked much better and the wounds on his stomach had recuperated.

    "I've told you, Mr. Nightmare Man." The Elder Zoog said proudly, "The Golden Aloe is the best at curing physical wounds." Gu Jun did not retort. Life-draining vines, golden aloe, so many plants at Dreamlands did have a miraculous effect. When one was inside the golden aloe, the gel would not only heal the wounds, it would provide the body with nutrients so the patients could survive in it without food and water.

    After spending a whole day inside the aloe, Uncle Dan's review was, "Even after so many clubs and massages that I've been to, nothing can compare to that!"

    Everyone was still worried about the latest update from Earth. The epidemic managed to turn the world upside down in a few days. Therefore, Gu Jun asked the Zoogs for help to search for a channel with the promise of more gifts. When the new channel was found, and should the wounded's condition be acceptable, they would immediately return. On the second day, Gu Jun also decided to journey into one of the aloes. Since not only his face, but also the rest of his body, was scarred, he undressed to only his underwear.

    "Wow, I have no idea Doctor Gu has such a fit body." Kathlyn commented with admiration. Gu Jun underwent strenuous training to lead the Problematic Team so his body was muscular and sinewy. The face aside, he could be a candidate for Mr. Universe. "Hmm, I didn't know doctors can be so sexy."

    Peacock nodded with pride, she seemed prouder to hear this than to hear others praise her boyfriend, Malachite. "But of course! That's the Phecda Hero after all!" She and Aquamarine were anxious to see Gu Jun's real face, they had seen his picture and his statue, but they had not seen his face in person before.

    "The body is not bad." Lou Xiaoning commented. "But the flag is better, he he." She laughed salaciously.

    'You know I can hear you guys right...' Gu Jun wanted to say something but, in the end, he decided to just wrap himself in the aloe leaves. When the leaves enclosed him, it blocked off the sounds from outside and the world dropped into darkness. He could feel the gel releasing from the leaves. It felt like he was submerged into a water tank, every inch of his body was covered in aloe gel. After the initial discomfort, he soon felt a refreshing warmth...

    There was slight itchiness on his face and body but that also soon disappeared.

    "Phew." Gu Jun could understand why Uncle Dan said it was the most relaxing experience he ever had. Gu Jun had no idea whether it was more relaxing than a massage but it was definitely relaxing enough. It was like the caress of spring breeze, the kisses of clouds...

    The cellular activity of his skin cell should be coming alive to fix the old scars. Gu Jun did not wear the rationality assessment stone because he already had one in the form of the system. The system did not give any warning. With nothing else to do, he opened the system to take a look. After the battle inside the House of Worm and reverse dreaming, there was a new notification, "mastery of Strong Heart increased by 80000 points, current level 2 (80000/300000 mastery)"

    The mission rewarded him with 80000 points. That went to show how dangerous the mission was. One wrong step and they'd be in a completely different situation. Gu Jun shivered thinking back about the other possible outcome...

    He opened the system missions and glanced at the newly refreshed abyssal mission.

    "Abyssal Mission: Complete the autopsy on 1 Deep One within a week. Reward: Unknown."

    For the past 2 days, a thought had been bothering him. Was the Deep One born this way or they transmuted into this state like how human beings mutated into zombies? If the latter was true, would there be shipcrews of the Seagull among the Deep Ones...

    "Phew..." Gu Jun sighed and cleared his mind. He should be able to get more answers when he returned for the autopsy. He unwound and started to slumber. Before he did, he accepted a difficult mission so that he had a timer to mark the passing of time. When he woke up next, 24 hours had passed. He was awakened by a piercing light, it was the others checking up on him. They told him the Zoogs had not found the channel so he could continue to rest.

    Five days flew by and by now they were stuck in Dreamlands for a week already. Uncle Dan and the rest could walk unattended already and Ma Feng could shuffle around with crutches, they were no longer in immediate danger. Once again, the Elder Zoog bit on the stalk enclosing Gu Jun. The leaves opened slowly. The eyes of the people brightened. Kathlyn's gaze slurped up the view hungrily.

    "Ha ha!" Uncle Dan guffawed. "Ah Jun, your handsome face is back." The scars on Gu Jun healed almost fully, and his skin color faded back to normal human color. It was as if his skin had been fully exfoliated, removing the scabs and scars. The man looked dashing but with a hint of maturity.

    "Really?" Gu Jun grabbed a scalpel and used the reflection as a mirror. Seeing his old face, he felt better.

    "Leader..." Peacock said shyly. "The legend is true, you are truly a handsome hero." This time, Malachite was jealous but what could he say, that was the truth.

    "I really don't get you humans' idea of beauty." The Elder Zoog patted his stomach. "If you ask me, he looks much better before."

    "Hmm, if I can grow this golden aloe or derive its gel to patent a beauty lotion, it'll be a sure fire get rich scheme." Lou Xiaoning commented.

    'Beauty lotion?' Well since they were waiting anyway, the girls immediately jumped into the stalks of aloe to catch up on some beauty time.

    Gu Jun did not return to continue his treatment. He didn't mind the few scars left. He didn't think he'd get used to his skin being as smooth as a baby's.

    Unfortunately for the girls, they didn't get much time for their beauty treatment because that late afternoon, a Zoog burst through the fog gasping, "We've found it, we've found a new channel!"


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