287 Press Conference

    After the revelation of FBM, the bureau swiftly became the most discussed topic on the internet. Global netizens were quick to share their views. Ellen Bryan wrote, "I am proud of FMB! They have been working in the background, contributing silently. Their work is extremely dangerous but they have to keep their job a secret. That is so hard, definitely they are all heroes. The bad incidents aside, at least now we can officially celebrate them!"

    Alexandra Bodu wrote, "As a European, I have my fair share of complaints about America but I have to hand it to the brave fighters at FBM!" This post received many likes, approved by netizens all over the world. Another post which received many likes was one written by KIUD1351, "Oh my god! I recognize Grant Bell, we went to the same university but he disappeared after graduation and cannot be contacted. So he has joined FBM, honestly I'm not surprised, he's our valedictorian after all!"

    Grant Bell was one of the elites in FBM. He was 30 plus, 190 cm tall and was incredibly handsome with sharp jaw, aquiline nose, and dark green eyes. He had the action hero good looks. It would not have felt weird if he was cast as the next superman. There were 11 members in FBM's elite unit. The few who caught people's attention were:

    Michael J. Bruce: African American, 30 plus, 2 metres tall, and bald. He was the most muscular of all the members. His ebony skin gave him a feral aura, like a bear which could fling a car away with a single swipe.

    Helen Claire: reminiscent of her namesake, she was a beauty which could cause the war of Troy. According to official information, she was 25 and had an auburn long hair. She stood out for her dazzling good looks. She had grey eyes and startlingly white skin. Complimented by her bright head of hair, she had the allure of a witch.

    Toddy Matt: at 19, he was the youngest member. His appearance made the whole event feel like a boyband competition. Instantly he grabbed the hearts of young girls all over the world. In our world, appearances meant everything.

    Other than these 4, the others were not given much attention by the public even though the strongest member might be among them. In any case, all members of the elite FBM unit had a sturdy posture and sharp gazes. It was clear that these people were not promotional caricatures, they were actual elites from FBM. After their appearance at the White House, they were ushered into a press conference. These elites were given the Hollywood treatment. Everyone had a mic and the hall was squeezed to the brim with reporters. This conference would not only be livestreamed at various tv channels but also on the internet. It would be watched literally by the whole world. Monitors inside hospitals, at bars, even at Times Square were broadcasting the press conference.

    "Mr. Bell, how do you define supernatural force?" A reporter asked, "And do you guys have superpower?"

    "No, we do not." Grant Bell flashed his handsome smile, "We are not Avengers or X-men. Supernatural forces do not equate to superpower, it will not give you immortality or power of flight. We are just normal people who have some unique experience." Naturally FBM had briefed the members about the statements that they should give to the media.

    "We wish to know more about the legionella pneumonia." Another reporter asked, "How did supernatural force get involved in it? And what have you done to curb the epidemic?" The other reporters readied their pens and cameras, this was a question most people cared about.

    "To be honest..." Bell's smile lingered as he paused, "There are still too many mysteries regarding this tragedy, we cannot give any conclusive comments for now." The media knew they would not receive all the information at once or else FBM would not have been in secret for so many years. But as a media, naturally they would not give up their hounding, they had to work hard to get at least some scoops.

    "Then can you tell us exactly what kind of mission you have undertaken?" The reporter pressed, "Was there a fight with these supernatural forces? Do they manifest themselves as monsters? What kind of weapons are effective against them? Guns? Swords or the cross?" The reporter's question was long but it was basically just one enquiry, please describe your job scope.

    "Okay..." Bell's green eyes blinked. He scratched his head and then began hesitantly, "We would normally, hmm..." Bruce next to him scratched his bald head, Helen looked on expressionlessly, others arched their brows, some shrugged. They seemed to be saying, 'It's no biggie, there's no need to go into details' or 'You must know that certain things are too confidential to reveal to the public'.

    At the same time, in the comment section of the livestream, the global netizens were gushing with praises.

    "Just look at them, how dashing and gorgeous!"

    "I still think they're hiding their superpower from us. Don't be surprised if Bell or Matt suddenly jump 10 inch into the air."

    "I think I'm in love with Helen..."

    "This is the proudest moment for us Americans, we're leading the globe once again, as we always do."

    Finally, Bell Grant said, "I can only say that the situation with the legionella pneumonia was very complicated but we will continue to release the information as we see fit."

    With the press officers controlling the conference, the reporters could only get so much before they were forced to change subject. Some of the more experienced reporters felt like this elite unit was hiding something. Regardless, at this timing, the appearance of FBM was a confidence boost to the world.

    However, back in China, the Chinese netizens were boiling with resentment. This was because the national media still had not reported on this issue. Many forums were silenced and monitored. For all appearances, it was as if this announcement by the White House had never happened. 'What the hell? Is the government going to continue to pretend supernatural forces do not exist? Do we really lack so far behind the other countries? We don't even have a ready department to deal with something this serious?'


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