301 Supper

    After Deng Ximei revealed her story, the sweet dream bubble burst. Gu Jun snapped into his consciousness like being shocked awake by a nightmare.

    "Hmm..." Deng Ximei's face was pale and her lips were purple. Gu Jun immediately tested her pulse, her heartbeat was racing too fast...

    "I have killed them..." Her voice was icy. "I pulled the noose around their necks..."

    "No, you did not." Gu Jun held the girl by her shoulders. Through the bond they shared in the sweet dream bubble, Gu Jun gained more trust in her. "Deng Ximei, your parents led you away from the bandit's lair when you were seven and you were brought up by them. They taught you many skills like how to survive in nature."

    "Is that so..." Deng Ximei's gaze wavered with ripples of struggle, "Maybe you're right."

    "Of course I'm right." Gu Jun stressed. "The secret information, the spirit barrier technique, those were the things they taught you for your protection."

    "Hmm..." Deng Ximei's emotions slowly levelled out and so did her pulse. "Perhaps."

    Gu Jun sighed internally. The girl's consciousness seemed intact if barely, but her S value must be horribly low. He did not intend to report everything that she had revealed to Phecda. He knew Phecda's administrative style, even with Elder Tong's support, honesty would bring more troubles than it was worth. For example, Deng Ximei's trustworthiness would be a point of heated debate, it would only drag things out. However, he'd still be careful around Deng Ximei. He'd no longer view her as an enemy but it did not mean he would let his guard down. At least that was the perspective he held for now.

    "What is your favorite food?" Gu Jun had an idea.

    "Hmm?" Deng Ximei was startled by this non-sequitur.

    "It's about time for supper, so why don't we go somewhere to eat?" Gu Jun suggested. Indeed he still had many questions and the issue with the video was urgent but if he pushed any further, it would be no different from killing her so a meal to ease the tension for both of them sounded perfectly logical.

    "..." Deng Ximei gave it a surprisingly long thought before answering, "Stir-fried bamboo shoots, stir-fried asparagus, stir-fried lettuce... is that okay?"

    "Aren't you going to have any meat?"

    "I'm not much of a meat eater but I guess a steamed fish works fine."

    "Understood, you lean towards the lightly-flavored." Gu Jun nodded as he reached for his phone. Once the call was connected, he shouted, "Time to get to work! I'll be bringing Deng Ximei over for supper so please make these dishes for us." He listed off the list of her favorite food and then ordered a few meat dishes for himself and a pot of soup. Deng Ximei looked on with confusion.

    "You're now part of Phecda, you have to learn to enjoy these privileges." Gu Jun waved his hands. "Come on. Our destination, the recreational centre's restaurant!" His call was made to the restaurant manager, Wu Siyu. Even though it was already 11 pm, there was always someone from the Recreational Department on duty. This was because the restaurant was open 24 hours every day and 7 days every week. It was there to satisfy any member's midnight craving.

    When Gu Jun led the confused Deng Ximei into the restaurant, they could smell the delicious aroma at the entrance. Inside the classically decorated restaurant, several members were enjoying their supper.

    "Welcome, welcome!" Two passionate figures charged out to welcome them, they were none other than Lee Yuerui and Wu Dong. "Welcome Captain Gu and Miss Deng!" The two were not familiar with Deng Ximei but they were told to treat Gu Jun's friends with utmost respect. Wu Dong's honest face brightened with smiles. "Thank you for honoring us with your patronage, this way please! Our restaurant is the best choice for a late-night date." Lin Xiaolan who manned the cashier smiled coolly. This man really did not know how to read the room at all. Did he have muscle instead of a brain?

    "Wu Dong, your help is needed inside the kitchen!" Wu Siyu's voice rang out. "Get your butt in there now!"

    'How come their IQ's difference is so great even though they share the same surname?'

    After being chased away by the manager, Wu Dong scratched his head in confusion. 'Did I say something wrong?'

    Before Wu Dong left, Gu Jun introduced Deng Ximei to him and the others at the restaurant. Deng Ximei required therapeutic treatment and as someone who had gone down this path before, Gu Jun knew the importance of good friends so he planned to help her expand her social circle. Hopefully it would help her walk out from the haze of darkness.

    The two entered a private room. Soon Lee Yuerui served the dishes. Gu Jun had taken nothing but bread doing his autopsy at the Medical Building. His mouth salivated facing the tableful of scrumptious dishes. Deng Ximei picked at a bamboo shoot and then dug out the eye from the steamed bass. It was clear that Deng Ximei had not been taught official table manners. In fact, she did not have much common sense regarding the world, then again, considering her background, it was to be expected.

    "If you like the fish eye, we can order some more." Seeing how much Deng Ximei enjoyed the food, Gu Jun summoned Lee Yuerui over. "Can we have a few more orders of steamed bass heads?"

    Suddenly Gu Jun felt a chill run up his spine. He turned and found Wu Siyu standing behind him.

    "Ximei." Wu Siyu was openly studying Deng Ximei who sat across from Gu Jun. She rubbed her hands wickedly. "Can I touch you?"

    "Huh?" Deng Ximei's chopsticks halted in mid air...

    "Siyu has the ability to know how people taste like by touching them." Gu Jun shrugged. "That is how she gets to know something."

    "Yes, I wish to confirm if your taste matches your name, which has the meaning of roses."

    "Okay..." Deng Ximei nodded.

    "Wonderful, I'll just help myself." Wu Siyu walked forward to touch Deng Ximei's hair, face, and neck... As she did so, her brows arched. "Hmm, it does match up quite nicely. There's a taste of dew and the heady smell of nature... Sweet and refreshing, this is one good stream of water..."

    "She is drinking from the mountain stream in your memory." Gu Jun explained, "The girl can taste anything she wants to."

    A small smile broke on Deng Ximei's face. Perhaps she was reminded of her childhood. In any case, this was the first time Gu Jun saw the girl smile. It made her face bloom like a rose. He commented with a smile. "Deng Ximei, the smile looks good on you. We should all smile more often, we mustn't be bogged down by those bastards."

    "Hmm..." Deng Ximei nodded.

    "Alright, enjoy your meal, I've certainly enjoyed mine." Wu Siyu licked her lips and prepared to leave. "Call if you need me, I'll be watching tv over there."

    Just as Wu Siyu ventured off, Gu Jun yelled her name, "Dirty-minded Yu!" When she walked back to their table, he shrugged, "It's nothing, I just wanted you to do more exercise, it is good for your body." Then he chuckled at his own joke. He did need some laughter in his life.

    "Got it." Wu Siyu walked to his side and swung multiple punches on his shoulder. "Well, boxing burns more calories." But when she was done, she winced with pain as she massaged her knuckles. As she floated away, she grumbled, "That was no fun, it was like punching a wall."

    Deng Ximei smiled brighter, her eyes shining with resoluteness. "Gu Jun, I am feeling much better now... I do not wish to take up too much time. Just ask me anything that you wish, I will tell you everything that I know."

    Gu Jun took a deep breath and nodded silently.


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