324 Polynesian Island

    Easter Island was part of the Polynesian islands, it was only 162 cubic km in size and had around 5000 permanent citizens in population. The island was most famous for its mysterious Maoi statues. Earlier on the plane, Xue Ba filled everyone in on these trivia. There were more than 600 such statues on the island. When they were carved, whose handiwork was it, what was their purpose, these were all mysteries to this day. It eluded the researchers.

    Gu Jun's team arrived at Easter Island on the dawn of the second day. The members from other countries were already there. They met up at a command central that was set up at a hotel on the island. Some of them looked familiar because they were the poster child of the new supernatural units from their respective countries. For example, there were Bell Grant, Michael J. Bruce, Helen Claire, Teddy Matt as well as other members from FBM. There were about more than 100 of them in attendance. The teams from England, Europe and Russia had more than 100 members as well. These were just the members responsible to work the frontline, one still had not taken into account the administrative members and the researchers. In comparison, Phecda only sent over 25 people for the frontline.

    "Jun." Bell Grant flashed his brilliant smile. "We should have made acquaintance a long time ago. You have done a wonderful job for this world." Michael J. Bruce pulled Gu Jun into a bear hug. "Well done, kiddo." Helen Claire studied Gu Jun with interest. They had read files on Gu Jun before, so they did not dare to underestimate him. However, this did not mean that they put themselves in a lesser position either. FBM and by extension, the US had never looked up to Phecda in the past and they had no reason to start now. Every single one of FBM's members was an elite, they had all faced and neutralized supernatural threats before. Other than their lack of mastery in spells, they were as experienced as Gu Jun, if not more. In fact, from their perspective, Gu Jun's team was just lucky. If they were the ones in Gu Jun's shoes, they would have turned out more powerful and experienced than Gu Jun was.

    In any case, the White House, Pentagon and the Congress had already turned their focus onto this field so it was only a matter of time before they lead the pack again...

    "It's my honor to meet you." Gu Jun said. The hotel lobby was filled with people from so many countries. It had a party-like atmosphere. Honestly, Gu Jun was not satisfied with what he saw because most of these people did not grasp the danger that they had thrown themselves into. Yes, they were all elite agents but Gu Jun still remembered what happened to the elite team from Russia during their mission at Wrangel Island. If Isla Salas y Gomez was as dangerous as he feared, Gu Jun did not wish death on so many innocent lives.

    Therefore, Gu Jun tried to communicate with the Chinese command central with the suggestion for certain teams to stay behind at Easter Island to provide backline support. However, neither GOA nor WMO was well-established enough to wield such persuasive power over the troop. Every country had their own goal to pursue, the frontline was dangerous but even more so was to be perceived as cowards. Therefore Gu Jun's suggestion naturally was ignored.

    "Ah Jun, just focus on what we're supposed to do." Xue Ba advised with a sigh of helplessness. "International affairs are too complicated for us."

    "But I really do not wish for people to voluntarily walk towards their death." Gu Jun said darkly, "Furthermore, fear and death will provide nutrients for these dark forces."

    "Fuck them really." Lou Xiaoning cursed under her breath. "Look at them, you'd think we're going on a summer trip."

    Thanks to the advancement in science, for the past 100 years, study into supernatural energy was sidelined. The research into the supernatural that arose in the 90s ended in failure. It only resurfaced in the recent 2 years and that was due to the prompting from darker forces. For better or for worse, these gathered elites were humanity's strongest force against supernatural threats. As this thought entered Wu Siyu's mind, her shoulders shrunk...

    Phecda tried its best to do lip service, using both persuasion and negotiation to demand every country lower their member count. In the end, the Shearwater team from the US dropped down to 62 people and the combined members of the other countries lowered to 85 people while Phecda remained at 25 people.

    That afternoon, these 172 elites boarded a destroyer to head towards Isla Salas y Gomez. The sea breeze was briny. Gu Jun stood on the deck and looked down the horizon. Gradually a small island appeared in his sight. Isla Salas Y Gomez was at the northern tip of the Polynesian Islands. Go further north and you'd reach North America. The island was only 1.5 cubic km in size and its highest sea level was 30 metres. The whole island could be captured in one glance. There was no forest and the island only had 4 recorded terrestrial plants. They were all ferns and mosses. The island had no harbor and the only man made structure was a lighthouse. It was painted white with a conspicuous ring of red line in the middle. It stood on top of the black rocks by the shore.

    The island had a level sandy ground which was suitable for helicopter landing. It was how the Chilean military normally landed on the island. The island's shoreline was ringed with cliffs and swamps so arrival by sea was extremely difficult.

    The closer the destroyer came to the island, the clearer Gu Jun could see it. The dark rocks by the shoreline were dark, chaotic and sharp...

    Illusions danced before his eyes. Earlier he spent most of the travelling time catching up on sleep so he felt quite refreshed. He channelled his focus and saw a storm... Or was an illusion or a premonition... Jack Wales did mention a storm in his journey. Was this where he was stranded? And was Tian Yi here now?

    Before this expedition, many countries had launched investigations into this small island but it was to no avail. However, this time, it was different, this time they were prepared to trigger supernatural energy, to enter an abnormal space.

    To that effect, they did not arrive via helicopter but mimicked Jack Wales' journey. They hopped onto small lifeboats and left the destroyer with their weapons and supplies. They rowed their way towards the abandoned island.


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