350 Goodbye

    Rain clouds hung low in the sky. Wintry winds swept the streets. The weather report warned of a drizzle. Inside the hostel at Spell Department's base, Gu Jun was packing his stuff into a suitcase. Phecda allowed him to bring the Carlot Instruments with him for they did not trigger intense PTSD. In fact, a moderate amount of trigger stimulus would be conducive for his recovery. He did not have that many personal items because he did not have time to make this place his home since he moved into it. Therefore, he did not spend much time packing.

    While he was comatose, he received gifts from many parties. He smiled as he took out two postcards from the table drawer. They were sent by Wu Siyu. She was on mission at Northern City so she was unable to be there to visit him, thus she sent him postcards instead. It was Nurse Liu who intercepted them on Gu Jun's behalf. Gu Jun held the two postcards and read them again.

    "Hopefully this card can reach your hands safely. I've already known you for quite some time and we've been through a lot. I guess what I want to say is, it's my luck to have known you. I hope you have a speedy recovery. -Wu Siyu."

    "The second card is to make sure the envelope reaches the minimum weight limit for postage... I don't really know what to say. I hope you'll wake up to read these soon. Good luck and everything. -Wu Siyu."

    Gu Jun's heart warmed. He yearned to see the author in person and hear her voice. Some people's handwriting did not reflect their personality but that was not the case with Wu Siyu. Her handwriting was pretty but with a hint of naughtiness. If there was a complaint he had, it was there was too little written on the postcards. If he has his way, he'd want 10 fully written postcards.

    There was a sudden knocking on the open door. Gu Jun turned around and saw Wu Siyu standing beside it. She carried a small brown suitcase. She said, "Good afternoon, Mr. Gu. I am Wu Siyu, a representative of the Recreational Department. I am tasked to open your eyes to the better thing life has to offer. Our first destination is my hometown to celebrate lunar new year."

    "Good afternoon, Miss Wu." Gu Jun smiled. Dirty-minded Yu too was given quite a long holiday. She was right that he would be assigned a Recreational member to watch over his schedule and monitor his health during his period of convalesce. Gu Jun had no living family so it was not a bad idea to celebrate the new year with her family.

    "Tsk, tsk. You expect two postcards to wake me up? I expected at least 10 of them." Gu Jun waved the postcards at her.

    "Now I understand why they call you Tycoon Jun." Wu Siyu chided. Gu Jun nudged her on her head. She then added, "Fine, when we're free, I'll draw a portrait for you as compensation. Honestly I haven't picked up a paintbrush in such a long time already." She studied art painting as her university degree. It was her painting talent that got her into Shen Hai City's Relic Department. However, Gu Jun had not seen her use this talent before. After the luggage was packed, the two walked towards the living room where a delicious smell permeated the air. The smell drifted in from the kitchen. Cai Zixuan made a pot of pig's brain goji soup. It would help with brain injury. Considering this was the last chance Gu Jun would have the chance to taste his cooking, Cai Zixuan poured his heart into it. He had been cooking since morning and the pot was filled with the ingredient's essence. He ladled two full bowls of soup and they smelt heavenly.

    "They smell so good." Wu Siyu stared unblinkingly as her throat parched.

    "Then come have some." Cai Zixuan served Gu Jun one bowl and Siyu another. He ladled half a bowl for himself. The three of them sat down at the dining table to share the meal. Cai Zixuan lamented, "Tycoon Jun, you'll have to learn how to cook soups yourself. We are what we eat. You need to watch your diet closely."

    "You're right..." Gu Jun took slow sips of the soup. It was truly as good as it smelled. For the past few days, they had scrounged up every nutritious thing for his diet. He even munched on a leaf of the Lai Hwa tree but it did not seem to have any effect. On a side note, the Lai Hwa Tree was now about 10 cm tall. It did not bear that many leaves yet.

    "Actually, I have a list of ingredients that might help you..." Wu Siyu said between chews. 'How about panda meat?' She thought about it. 'Better not, pandas are too cute.'

    "Pandas are protected animals, you know." Gu Jun said. Wu Siyu frowned. "How did you know what I was thinking?" Gu Jun answered, "The picture of a panda is floating above your head." Wu Siyu looked up. A panda waved back at her.

    Looking at the two of them, Cai Zixuan sighed, "I'm already missing you guys even though you haven't left. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow..."

    Gu Jun and Wu Siyu shared a look. That was Shakespeare!

    After having their fill, Cai Zixuan walked the duo out. This hostel would always be kept for Gu Jun. Cai Zixuan would move to another room to share with another roommate for Phecda members required a roommate to watch over each other's mental state. The trio took the elevator to reach the first floor lobby. They walked out the door. By then, the sky was drizzling. Raindrops pattered on the ground and people's hearts.

    Even though Gu Jun already requested for a silent parting, Elder Tong and many people came to bid him farewell. Among them was Wang Ruoxiang, she had been transferred back to the Spell Department from quarantine. Her good behavior during quarantine and contribution during the legionella pneumonia crisis helped her case a lot, but after her return, her actions would still be heavily monitored. Wang Ruoxiang nodded at Gu Jun. She was not worried about Gu Jun, she knew Tycoon Jun was not the kind to be crushed so easily.

    "Ah Jun." Uncle Dan said with smiles, hiding all traces of melancholy. "Enjoy this holiday as much as you can. A good mood can help tremendously with recovery."

    "I'm not going to waste too many words on you." Lou Xiaoning began, "Don't get sucked into **ing depression. There are still many things that you can do even if the worst happens! But of course, I have faith that you will recover!"

    "Mr. Gu." Peacock still reserved respect for him. "You will always be our hero." Kathlyn chuckled, "Thankfully you're close to them or else Siyu's going to get jealous." That earned a laugh from everyone, even Wu Siyu. She shrugged. "The sting of jealousy will help tamper the saltiness. It's good."

    Deng Ximei was as usual a person of few words. "Take care of yourself."

    "This is for both of you." Elder Tong gave both Gu Jun and Wu Siyu two bulging red packets. "Don't you dare spare any expenses!" Then Elder Tong petered into a sigh... Prof Shen's eyes were wet. Two years ago, he and Prof Shen handpicked these two for a new type of training but so many things had happened since then. It was worth noting that Xiao Xu had officially been transferred into the Spell Department and would be given focused training.

    "Elder Tong, Prof Shen, everyone..." Gu Jun took in their faces. "Take care of yourself and don't worry about me. I might not return to fight with you anymore but I will keep on going. Who knows, perhaps this new life might fit me like a glove."

    "It will, it will." Cai Zixuan sighed.

    A van parked by the exit was there to send the duo to the airport. They would take the plane to Shen Hai City where members from Phecda would be waiting for them. The drizzle turned heavier. The group helped them put their luggage into the trunk. Then Gu Jun and Wu Siyu got into the car. Soon the black military truck rumbled noisily as the engine started. With the group looking on with complicated emotion, the car left the Spell Department to head into the outside world.
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