363 Big Sister

    The moon shone like a shining disc on the lake surface. The night breeze caused flickering ripples as it also ruffled the cotton curtains in the suite.

    "Cheers." The two figures by the balcony raised their glasses to each other. It clinked beautifully. Gu Jun drank juice because he was not supposed to touch alcohol in his condition. Siyu though had red wine. Her cheeks flushed and it made her look even more alluring. He hugged her by her waist. Siyu could read his thoughts. It had been enough time since his surgery and tonight was such a special moment...

    "Dirty-minded Jun, you know, there's a good thing about this." She said, "Normally I wouldn't be able to even touch you."

    Gu Jun smiled. She would feel cut by a scalpel whenever she touched him in the past. "Oh, but I assure you, it's still very pointy and sharp."

    "Tsk..." Wu Siyu rolled her eyes before smiling, "O well." They put down the glasses and went for a kiss. He commented on the taste of alcohol while she groaned about his taste of salt. They continued their kiss all the way back into the room. Suddenly the phone rang. The two stopped. He kissed her forehead helplessly. It was her phone. They really did not want to be disturbed that night but sometimes duty called.

    "Hopefully, it's a telemarketer..." Wu Siyu walked towards the living room to pick up her phone. Gu Jun hugged her from behind. He sniffed her hair and asked lazily, "Dirty-minded Yu, have you considered keeping long hair?" As she picked up her phone, she answered, "I did when I was young but it was too troublesome to maintain so I had to cut it short." Wu Siyu glanced at the screen. "It's my aunt." She answered it. "Hello? Is there anything wrong, auntie?"

    Gu Jun was very close so he too could hear Mother Lee's nervous response from the phone, "Siyu, something weird has happened to Kedou." Kedou's mother recounted the event, "She said it was Ah Jun's big sister and she has been coming to tell her stories every night and the stories are all about monsters eating people..." Hearing that, Siyu's mind cleared up immediately. She could sense a trill of eerie voice and the smell of blood...

    Gu Jun's heart froze. His heart squeezed from anger and shock. His head started to pound. 'It's finally here...' He shook his head at Wu Siyu and whispered, "I do not have a big sister... at least not in my memory..."'But could I have one?' Gu Jun could not give a rational and affirmative no. It could be a step sister, half sister, or even a blood sister. After all, his family background was a whole lie. The only truth he had was, 'We were born in a family of R'yleh worshippers...'

    "Auntie, I'll immediately send my colleague over to your house. Then Dirty-minded Jun and I will hurry there as well. Keep an eye on Kedou." Over these past few days, Wu Family and Lee Family were under protection from Phecda but that indirectly showed the severity of the situation. None of their high spirituality colleagues noticed this infiltration. Before Wu Siyu ended her call, Gu Jun already pulled out his own phone to call for reinforcement. He wanted Captain Gao to assign a helicopter to fly them back but due to the uncertainty of the situation, Phecda advised against it. A car accident was easier to avoid than a plane accident so they settled for a truck.

    Wu Siyu asked her auntie for more information. Kedou did not know the name of Dirty-minded Jun's big sister but she said the woman's voice was mellifluous and had a great sense of humor. She appeared in the form of the man with the smiling buddha mask. Gu Jun believed it was not the man whom they saw at the historical city, after all, their whole troupe was still behind bars. Gu Jun believed Kedou was visited by another shadow... Perhaps, the shadow had simply made use of the smiling buddha's image...

    Captain Gao soon arrived to knock on their suite door. The couple shared a look which spoke of many emotions. Their Valentine's had to end early. On the way back to Shen Hai City, Gu Jun bubbled in anger. He knew the bastards would come after him... but through a five-year-old girl? That was a new low. Even though Mother Lee taught her daughter well to stay away from strangers but this was not a normal stranger, they knew how to appeal to a young child's imagination... Those bastards...

    Could this be related to those mysterious signals and symbols? Gu Jun was not sure.

    When they arrived at Shen Hai City, Wu Family was already transferred to the safehouse but to preserve the crime scene, Lee Family was asked to stay at their home. Kedou had no idea what happened, she even slipped off to sleep on the living room couch. When Gu Jun and Siyu arrived at the heavily guarded Lee Family, it was already dawn. Kedou was shaken awake by her mother. When the girl saw the duo, she cheered, "Sister Siyu, Brother Dirty-minded Jun!" Seeing them, both Father Lee and Mother Lee sighed in relief.

    "Kedou." Wu Siyu grabbed her cousin into a hug. She sighed and then groused, "Are you doing this because you're envious of my handsome boyfriend?"

    "Huh? What?" Kedou answered brightly, "What have I done?" Gu Jun couldn't help but ruffle the young girl's hair. Seeing how cheerful she was, the weight left his shoulders. Who could blame the girl? Of course, she should have told the adults about this but none of them asked her either. Furthermore, it was too easy for dark forces to trick a five-year-old girl... According to Kedou, it was the big sister who told her to keep it a secret because she wanted to give Gu Jun a big surprise. Furthermore, due to fairy tales, it was easy for Kedou to accept a person materializing from a pile of dolls. On top of that, Kedou knew from tv how powerful Siyu and Gu Jun were so it was nothing too strange for Dirty-minded Jun's big sister to have some tricks up her sleeves as well.

    Before they entered the heavily guarded child's bedroom, Wu Siyu signed an Ancient Seal on Kedou. Kedou only cheered, "Yay, fireworks!" There was no sign of mental corruption. But seeing this, Gu Jun's headache intensified. Kedou's parents did not know about the Ancient Seal so their jaws fell open.

    "Oh, it's just a newly designed laser equipment." Wu Siyu opened her palm to show them something. "It's used to check a person's mental status and Kedou is doing just fine." What they saw on their niece's palm was just a normal-looking key...

    "Kedou, we're going to your room now." Wu Siyu placed the key back into her pocket and then picked up her cousin. "How did you come to know this big sister. What kind of stories has she told you, can you tell Sister Siyu about them?"

    "Sure." Kedou nodded. Then she turned to Gu Jun, "But there is something I need to tell Brother Dirty-minded Jun first. It's a message from his big sister!" Before they could react, Kedou's expression shifted to take on a mask of terror. A hoarse voice said, "My beloved little brother, good afternoon. The girl is very cute, but... she can be made cuter. This is a little new year present I have for you." Her voice was strange like it was forced out from Kedou's throat and it sounded distressingly little like a human voice.
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