372 Curses

    There was a stone statue which stood in front of the Psychology Building at Eastern State Phecda's Medical Base. The statue was that of a young man. He wore a doctor's coat and had a straight posture and determined expression. This was the statue made of Gu Jun after his sacrifice during the Nightmare Illness incident, it had been a year since then. On the afternoon of 21st, Gu Jun returned to this place of old memories and saw his own statue for the first time.

    He was still at Shen Hai City yesterday night. He arrived early in the morning. He was joined by Wu Siyu who currently stood beside him. Kedou and Siyu's family were temporarily moved to Da Hwa City's headquarters for protection.

    "Without the saltiness, there is no soul." Wu Siyu commented as she studied the statue. This was not the first time she studied the statue and every time she would have found a new feature to complain about. "And they got the feeling of muscle all wrong."

    "Erm, we're talking about stone, right?" Gu Jun looked at her.

    "Of course, I can sense its material through sight." Wu Siyu shrugged. "It does not feel like you."

    Well, what could Gu Jun say to that. Personally he did not think the statue was that bad but it did make him feel embarrassed. Over the past few days, his condition did not improve and the mysterious signal did not return. Previously, when he did not tell anyone about the signal, it returned in 3 days; but after revealing its presence to Wu Siyu and Phecda, it had been 12 days since its last appearance.

    He did not bring along the suite's LED tv on his journey but Gu Jun did carry along Dirty-minded Yu's watercolour of the sky. The two stopped for a while at the statue before following Tang Zhifeng and Prof Peng, who came to welcome them, into the Psychology Building. The neurological department was stumped with the abnormal Tourette Syndrome so they handed the problem over to the psychology department. After all, a normal Tourette patient's main treatment was based in psychotherapy. For now, there was no talk of lobotomy or other surgery, because the patients were all just young children... Plus they did not show any sign of being in pain. Despite the increase in tics, the girls' condition was basically similar to those suffering from normal Tourette Syndrome. Other than that, the spread of the illness appeared to have stopped for there was no new registered patient. Therefore, the medical department temporarily would not perform any irreversible operation on these girls that would cause severe side effects or consequence.

    "Ah Jun, long time no see." Tang Zhifeng sighed. Last time they met was during the Nightmare Illness tragedy. Everyone thought Gu Jun had died.

    "Director Tang, I've been meaning to return but there was no opportunity." Gu Jun was telling the truth. After he returned from Dreamlands, he had to contend with legionella pneumonia and Mutated Scale Disease. Actually on his holiday, he did plan to return to Eastern State after his stay at Shen Hai City but change pushed his schedule forward. After entering the building, Gu Jun was greeted with more familiar faces. There were Sun Yuheng and Jiang Banxia who joined Phecda at the same time as Gu Jun. Jiang Banxia was Zixuan's girlfriend.

    Zixuan was present as well. He was sent over by Phecda. He was glad to be reunited with his best friend. The members of The One were there as well. Deng Ximei, Lou Xiaoning, Uncle Dan and Peacock had already arrived. They were out investigating the woods around Eastern State but so far, they found nothing. When Gu Jun was briefed on these things, he felt many scrutinizing eyes on him. He knew that they would stop the report should he show any sign of discomfiture.

    The mission Elder Tong gave Cai Zixuan was to look after Gu Jun. Wu Siyu was prone to day-dreaming and most people were unfamiliar with Gu Jun's condition so Cai Zixuan was given the responsibility to keep a close eye on his friend.

    Some of the girls had already been transferred here. They included Zhong Huili who was the first to perform the Magic Flute. Examination confirmed that there was no airborne pathogen so they were spared the protective suit. They only wore masks. Inside the single-bed room, Gu Jun's group finally met Zhong Huili, the 6 years old girl. Little Huili was looked after by her mother. Over the past few days, Huili had met many doctors so she was no longer as shy as before. Her cheeks flushed with good health. Her innocent eyes blinked as she looked around to take in all the new faces. She did appear like a perfectly healthy child. But as Gu Jun studied the girl, a dull pain surfaced in his mind...

    "Little Huili, do you know who I am?" He pulled down the mask and asked with a smile. Huili's mother, Song Fang was shocked and overjoyed. She definitely recognized Gu Jun! It was the Phecda Hero, they passed his statue on the way into the building. Even though she did not know what this represented, Song Fang saw hope! Gu Jun would save her daughter.

    "You're the big brother from tv!" Huili recognized him as well.

    "Yes, my name is Gu Jun..." Gu Jun's headache intensified so much that he had to take a deep breath and leaned on Cai Zixuan to steady himself... Something about this place perturbed him... He continued in a darker voice, "I'm here, I've arrived."

    Suddenly, Huili's eyes blinked rapidly. Her face twitched and she started to curse like a sailor! Then she crawled into her mother's embrace and began to cry. This was clearly one of her tics... but Director Tang and Prof Peng frowned. This was the first time the patient showcased symptoms of coprolalia during her tics and did not groan out Gu Jun's name. What brought on this change? Was this a coincidence? Or... was it related to the dark force corrupting these girls? The enemy could control the girls to make the sound that they wanted?

    Being cursed at, it irked Gu Jun disproportionately. It lit up the anger that had been collecting inside him. The thought of the 520 sick girls and the 7 dead hospital staff weighed down on his mind and Gu Jun roared at the room around him, "Fuckers! Aren't you searching for me? So why are you still in hiding? Come out and face me!"

    "Fuckers!" Little Huili suddenly stopped crying and joined in the cursing. She repeated Gu Jun's curses. "Fuckers, **ers, **ers!"

    Her face twisted into unrecognizability. The curses from her lips sounded like mockery. However, the opaline bracelet around her wrist did not glow, this was not a mental corruption...

    Song Fang was at the verge of tears. The others were helpless too.

    Suddenly Gu Jun groaned in pain as his hands pressed against his head. His muscle tensed and his body started to convulse. The situation turned chaotic. Cai Zixuan and Wu Siyu immediately dragged him out of the room. Sun Yuheng and Jiang Banxia followed in shock. Only then they realized the severity of Gu Jun's condition... Song Fang was stunned beyond belief.

    However, Little Huili continued to curse incessantly like nothing was out of place.
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