469 Black Fleshy Fores


    In that moment, the colors of the Mo Bei sky changed. Swath of red smeared the sky. The people of Mo Bei could lift their head to see a black full moon suspended in the bloody sky. Is that a moon or a dark whirlpool?

    Suddenly the moon expanded. All the mist was blasted away by the black moon. It dropped from the sky, to descend upon Mo Bei. The peoples eyes filled with shock. That was neither a moon nor a whirlpool, it was not a cloud either. It was a giant ball of flesh. The surface was covered in many strange tentacles as well as skulls, and organs of varying shapes They were contorted together to form this nasty ball.

    They came from different lifeforms as they possessed different appearance. Human-shaped, animal-shaped and plant-shaped The spinning ball was perhaps the eyes or the heart, the waving limbs were either tentacles or intestines. Blood rained and goo splattered. It was a forest, a black living woods made from the amalgamation of flesh. The thousand young were nurtured at this place.

    Mo Beis sky was dominated by this ball of meat. The locust swarm and the flying polypus hydroids all stopped. Moments ago, these hydroids were howling, thrashing the streets of Mo Bei and fighting the Byakee. But suddenly, there was a great boom and everyone at Mo Bei appeared to have lost their hearing temporarily. Lou Xiaoning could no longer hear the howls of the enemies, the gunfire from her rifle or the explosion of the missiles

    Everything appeared to have stopped. Even her heart froze. But her eyes could still see. The locusts that swarmed at her, the locusts that were already biting on her, the locusts that covered the flying jets, the locusts that swamped the Mo Bei city, they all suddenly imploded. They exploded in a shower of viscous liquid. Gravity suddenly lost its power. The liquid gushed towards the sky, no, towards the giant meatball. Perhaps it had become part of the forest.

    The locust swarms at the mutated areas underwent the same fate. So did the flying polypus hydroids at the desert wasteland. The strange creatures that easily overpowered humanity, now were vanquished without much resistance. Lou Xiaoning and Uncle Dan felt a sense of dejavu During the end of the fight at Dagon Island, Gu Jun used a foreign spell, to gather the flesh of all the Dagon worshippers to form a humanoid banyan tree and now the flesh of all the mutated locusts and hydroids gathered towards that dark forest Creature of worm and maggot breaking through the barrier, reshaping and reforming/ On the starlight they feast, spreading the darkness into the world, /The name of the Old Ones will never fall!

    Many citizens who saw this scene were gripped by an intense headache. They pressed their hands against their head and they fainted Even Mysterium members with familiarity with spells could see themselves tripping towards madness, the endless abyss. Inside the quarantine base, and other bases, the students and staff from Gao Ji High School, the 10000 plus confirmed patients in Phecda World and 100000 plus confirmed patients in Mysterium World, suddenly had their torso and heads explode. Enormous amount of parasites burst forth. All those who suffered from late stage Locust Illness morphed into a pool of parasites. Then they dissolved into fleshy goo and were pulled into the sky.

    On the street, some of the undiscovered carriers went through the same fate. Splat, splat, splat.

    Not all individuals who were exposed to the mutated radiation had their bodies imploded. Those with early symptoms only had their extremities detonated.

    Ah At the frontline, Peacock was overwhelmed by pain. Her upper arm shattered and then exploded in a shower of parasites.

    The abyss at the desert wasteland splattered with the endless rupture of flying polypus hydroids. They streamed towards the sky. Then no more hydroids appeared. A lake of sticky black water gathered at the bottom of the abyss.

    By then, the ball of black flesh in the sky had grown to an unaccountable size.

    Pull your eyes away The broadcasters relayed the command centrals order with difficulty, they warned the citizens of Mo Bei to pull their gaze away from the sky. Perhaps their voices could enter the ears of some citizens but most citizens were dumbfounded. They couldnt move, speak or even think. The pain that started from their temple crawled through their bodies, they lost their consciousness and sank into darkness. Mo Bei was turning into a place of death and madness.

    At Phecdas command central, no one knew what was happening. Was this the apocalypse predicted by the Yith

    On the other hand, inside a quarantine room at Phecda base, Wu Siyu who had been soulless for days suddenly had her eyes flew open. Spirit returned to her dull eyes but they spoke of grief. She groaned in agony. That shocked the few nurses on duty. Lucky cowered in the corner and refused to move. Wu Siyu on the bed arched her waist upward like a bow.

    The nurses could see that her previously flat stomach had started to swell. Something was wiggling inside it. Suddenly, there was the wail of a baby. A blurry, bloody shadow was yanked out from Wu Siyus stomach. Blood dyed her scrub.

    What the nurses did not know was all over the world, numerous pregnant women were groaning in pain as well. Some of them just got pregnant, some were close to the end of their trimester, bloody shadows flew out from their bodies. The mothers groans contorted to become a dark and eerie moan. There was a laugh and then they all said the same thing, So this is the god you have chosen Things have gotten interesting Indeed the god can temporarily stop your destruction but youll experience one tragedy after another. Youll lose more than you gain. Your children are just the beginning.

    Gu Jun, you have protected your home, but youll never find your way back to it.

    You have to pray, pray to everything you know that you wont run into one of my thousand faces.

    Farewell Gu Jun, be careful, because I am Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos.
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