Winged the Wings of Chaos

What would you do if you had to risk your life for someone else?This kind of privileged situation surprises you.But do not be surprised. Never. Because?The answer is quite simple. If you are surprised, you begin to doubt, if you have doubts you will be afraid, and if you are afraid of facing adversities, you lose, and if you can not cure the fear caused by doubt ...Your destiny will probably be death in an unhappy and lonely way.Everything that you will read from now on will reveal to you how the fact of having the appearance of my great grandfather turned my calm and quiet life into a relentless survival test in a land that is not Earth.A magical and wonderful world, and at the same time dark, dangerous and sad.And look I tried to be normal, I tried not to get in trouble and I did not get involved with anyone, but it's like I saw it in a Japanese anime ..."He who does not follow the rules delegated to him is a scum, but he who is unable to break the rules to support his friends and help the needy is worse than the scum."---Note: I am the author and translator of this novel, I am translating into English from Portuguese which is my language, but my English is not perfect, so I need an editor to remove errors. I'm grateful for all positive feedback and any power stones given! Thank you so much!

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