42 Gan Tian Chis teachings

    Once Gan Tian Chi finished the noodles, he went up and paid the owner five tales of silver, whispering something to the owner, before bringing Xue'er through the twists and turns of the alleyway.

    It was only here that Xue'er realized that this alleyway was full of filth and sin. She could hear the sounds of gambling dens, the sound of underground brothels, the sounds of human auctions and the sounds of robbery being committed.

    It was then did she remember how Gan Tian Chi taught her of the many things that people do, their greed, their lust, and thirst for power. By the way, he spoke, she could tell that he was quite disgusted with everything.

    Now, she understood why.

    Gan Tian Chi looked at the expression on Xue'er's face, which gave everything away. His lips slightly curved upwards as he comforted her: "Don't worry, you'll get used to this... with time."

    Xue'er couldn't help but look at him with an unsatisfactory gaze. Sure, she had to admit that a person would have to get used to things if they were exposed to it enough.

    But, was she to stay here long enough until she could stand seeing and hearing these things?

    In reality, she was usually quite numb to death and corpses, it was just, this was the first time she had seen such conduct after hearing about it from Gan Tian Chi, it was then that she knew, seeing it is many times more educational then hearing about it.

    Suddenly, Gan Tian Chi lept into the air and disappeared without a trace. Xue'er followed him.

    The two figures that were walking in this decrypted alleyway vanished without a traced, if there was someone near them at this moment, they would have most likely believed that they ran into ghosts at night.


    As of now, the night watchman had just signaled the first call, this was after the sun had set and the city gates had been closed. Because they were so close to the border, the commoners would usually start to pack up their stalls and return home to spend with their families, as it was usually a lot colder up here in the north.

    Gan Tian Chi and Xue'er were leisurely lying on the rooftops of the tallest building in the town, which belonged to the general in charge of this prosperous town, General Pei.

    The town was growing quite well in recent years, partially due to the many years of peace and opportunities here. The military and civilians were at peace, without anyone stepping out of line and harassing the common folk. The people were content with enough to eat, there was no famine or plague in recent years, causing many more people to pack up their things and move to this town.

    Although this was considered a town in name, it was in fact, beginning to grow into a city, with over a million people residing here.

    "Maybe not all the people are so bad." Xue'er looked toward the loving families taking their children out to shop for new fabrics to make clothes with, the new year was fast approaching and since the year's harvest was plentiful, they would prepare to make new clothes for their children. Her eyes filled with a sense of longing.

    But one can not envy what they do not know.

    Gan Tian Chi carefully observed Xue'er's eyes: "You haven't been in this world very long, wait until there is no longer peace, then you will see their true nature." His voice was a little emotionless as if he was certain of what would happen because he had seen it so many times.

    Xue'er only smiled, she ultimately knew what he said was true.

    Gan Tian Chi pointed to a young man who was dressed in brocade robes, as he got off his plaquin to enter a brothel.

    "What do you see?" He asked.

    "He looks like the playboy young master of a well-off family, his health is not so good, presumably from his debaucheries." Xue'er answered professionally.

    He did not need her to tell him that extra information about what that random man he had just pointed to had been doing at night.

    "I mean, how do the people treat him?" Gan Tian Chi questioned.

    "They are very respectful." Xue'er answered, as she saw the people of the brothel coming out to greet him, she could even hear what they were saying, but it was all too vulgar.

    Xue'er turned her head and tried her best to stop her ears from picking up the sounds that were coming from the brothel.

    "What about him?" Gan Tian Chi asked as he pointed to a beggar who was sitting on the side of the streets.

    Xue'er looked at the man who was dressed in rags, there were people that walked past him, not sparing a single glance, she couldn't help but feel bad for him.

    Gan Tian Chi caught the flash of pity in her eyes: "Do not feel bad for him." He said, "You never know."

    "Is this why you had dressed this way?" Xue'er looked at him seriously and asked.

    "Why do you ask?"

    "You're teaching me about how people are perceived through how they dress." Xue'er answered unenthusiastically.

    "Well, I suppose so, observe well." Gan Tian Chi said as he laid back, with his hands behind his head, acting as a pillow.

    Xue'er did not pay him any attention, as she remembered his teachings well and observed the people below.

    They lay below the moon that was covered by clouds. Below them, were patrolling officers who noticed nothing out of the ordinary as they went on their patrols, on this chilling and quiet night, no one would expect there would be two people laying under the open night as if they were in their own homes.

    There was no sound of breathing, or the sounds of their hearts pumping, it was if they did not exist.

    They were beings that had already transcended beyond the limitations of earthly beings, yet their fate foretold that they would forever be observers of this chaotic world.
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