45 Indulgence and Drunkenness

    This night was not yet over as Gan Tian Chi returned to the border town. At this point, he was hoping that Xue'er would stay put in her room until this night was over. He did not wish for her to see what he will be doing.

    [It's good that she does not have emotions, it's less likely that she will be hurt in the oncoming days.]

    In fact, he also wished that someone had taught him, but unfortunately, even an eternal life cannot be lived in reverse.

    Standing on the rooftops, he would have the best vantage point available, overlooking the entire border town, which wasn't small in size, there were over a million people living here, he wondered why it was not yet considered a city.

    But, that was nothing to worry about, as his eyes landed on the brothel. It was a magnificent building, that was flashy on the outside, with girls on the top balcony dressed in revealing clothing to draw in any customers.

    Not that it needed to, it was the only official establishment of its kind recognized by the government in the town. Almost those with some sort of status would prefer to go there, as opposed to those shady establishments in the back alley.

    It was such an extravagant place, that every night before the opening, there would be a spectacle of fireworks sent into the sky appearing as falling flowers. The show could be seen miles away.

    The head madam of that place once said that the girls were free of disease, and there was no water added to the wine.

    Gan Tian Chi laughed at that statement, those girls were changed so often, who knew what was done to them.

    Hundred Flower Hall.

    The halls of the Hundred flower halls were dimly lit, barely allowing the guests to walk unhindered in the hall. The walls were very plain without much decoration, which was probably why the lights were not shown off fully.

    For an establishment that was in a desolate place, this was considered not bad.

    The light was somewhat showing off the luxurious carpet below a customer's feet, which were vibrant in colors of reds, blues, and greens that came together to form pictures of crimson roses. The carpet seems foreign as though it might have been traded from the merchants of Northern Wei, after all, this was a place where people from both kingdoms: the Eastern Jin Kingdom and the Northern Wei Kingdom lived peacefully.

    There were beautiful candle holders made from intricately designed silver in the shape of a chandelier that held the candles in a perfect circle suspended carefully from the overhead ceiling. These were small in size, and could perhaps only do the work of three lanterns, but they were much more beautiful, as they reflected specks of light onto the dark grounds, making it seem as if one was walking amongst the stars in the sky and not a mundane hall.

    There were small tables enough for two, or for a group of people if they came with their friends. Each table was made from good quality wood and polished with a nice shine to it, it was smooth to the touch so that the customers would not get a splinter after touching it.

    At the center, there was a round stage that had a dark pink flower painted upon the ground reflecting the roundness of a full moon. The flower had a hundred petals on the first layer, with an indigo center. The stage was right in the middle of a sea of customers and anyone who stood upon it would be seen completely, without a place to hide.

    All the guest were of noble status, dressed in brocade robes. They sat in their seats, indulging in wines and pleasures.

    At each table, there was at least one woman that was dressed in revealing clothing that was easily removed. Even though it was a time of coldness, the establishment had on plenty of heaters, so their noble guest would not feel cold, so the temperature was actually very comfortable.

    The woman would cater to their customers' every wish. It wasn't certain if it was fear or one's true willingness, but they would do what their customers wanted.

    They were like empty shells without a driving soul.

    At one of the tables, there was a middle-aged man dressed in dark green brocade, one can see how respected he was by the way the customers going into the brothel and even the head madam of the brothel would greet him.

    He was the person with the second highest ranking in the city, the general's second in command, Wang Bo. Even though he was middle-aged and had about a dozen concubines, they could not satisfy his need, having him going off to a brothel as an outlet.

    He had lecherous gaze, as he kept his eyes on the half dressed lady, who was feeding him wines and delicacies, as he wished.

    "Ha ha!" Wang Bo laughed evilly as he opened his mouth, to allow the lady to put in a freshly peeled grape into his lips.

    "Mmm..." Wang Bo closed his mouth, carefully savoring the sweetness with a tinge of sour from the grape he was just given.

    Fresh fruits were a delicacy in the times of the fall with the impending winter. It could only be afforded by the wealthy

    "Do you like it?" The lady asked in a soft voice. She was quite young, perhaps in her mid-teens, with slightly golden skin, covered in heavy makeup to make her skin look like snow. She was wearing a bright pink dress, that was so thin, it was almost see through. Her dark hair was loosely tied into a bun, with a single flower that matched her clothes as an ornament. Her features were quite delicate, there was a feeling of innocence when one looked at her, it was as if she was a village girl.

    "Hmm... Yes, give me another one." He said, after he was done savoring the grape, he quickly asked for another one to fulfill his desires.

    "Yes." The lady said, as she quickly peeled another grape and put it into Wang Bo's mouth. Her actions were a little unnatural this time as if she was new to doing this. Looking at her once more, perhaps she could have been a farmer's daughter working under the sun, planting in the fields.

    Wang Bo knew that this hundred flower hall was a strange establishment, about every few months, there would be an income of new girls replacing the old. As for the old, who knew where they went, Wang Bo did not care much either.

    As long as his needs were met, he could easily turn a blind eye.

    Wang Bo carefully watched her unnatural movements as she served him. Now, he was completely sure that this might have been her first night in this brothel, so she should be pure and untouched.

    Knowing this, a lecherous smile appeared on his lips, he eyes were glued to the woman, it was as if he was a hungry wolf waiting to gobble her up and she was a weak and defenseless sheep.

    His hand made his way to his shoulder, as he gently caressed her young skin.

    He really liked the feeling of young skin, it made him feel as if he was back in his prime.

    The woman could feel chills going down her spine as his cold hands touched her body, she nearly couldn't breathe, but she did not dare reject him, because of the training she was given. Her hands only tightened her grip on her thin dress, as she did her best to endure it.

    She only needed to get through this.
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