50 A Kind Lady

    When the children had finished eating the bread, they all made their way to sit in an orderly fashion. Such was how children sat down in classes to learn. They were mindful of how much space there was between their peers. Each one of them properly spaced out, without any tools of measurement, they all did this as if they already knew.

    Xue'er did not join them. She silently exited the police bureau, finding a place no one would notice, she jumped on to one of the rooftops to observe.

    No one noticed that a freeloading kid was missing anyway, after all, that meant there was more food available for the others.

    Her presence was very well hidden, such that there was not a soul that would be able to notice her. Well, she knew that Gan Tian Chi would be able to sense her, even with his eyes closed, but she had never met a person as strong as him before.

    She would only be seen, if she wanted to, if not, then she would remain hidden, and not a single person would be able to sense her.

    From the rooftops, she saw madam Li putting up a large piece of rice paper to one of the walls, and some of her servants preparing a brush and some freshly ground ink onto a stone slab.

    She wrote some characters on the large piece of paper, like a teacher writing in front of her students. Her handwriting was neat, with the in dispersion well spread out amongst her characters. She had an aura of a well-bred lady who grew up in a scholarly family, spending her days painting and writing poems.

    The children copied what was written with a stick on the dirt ground as they fervently listened to her explanations.

    They seemed to be immersed in learning these new characters. After all, it was unlikely they would be able to learn to read and write in their lifetimes, as children at the bottom of society, this could be considered a good opportunity for them.

    Xue'er looked at the words madam Li was writing, she recognized them to be from the thousand character classic that she had memorized a long time ago.

    To be fair, Xue'er was raised as a child from a scholarly family, her days were spent learning and filling her mind with knowledge, she was similar to those daughters of a noble family, in the sense that she spent her days reading and painting. She had also stayed at home for a long period of time.

    But she differed from them in the sense that she was allowed to have different ideas and also see things a noble lady would never be able to see.

    Sure, it was a good foundation for future learning, but it took a long time to teach. One of the reasons why nobles had the right to learn, was because of one thing: Time.

    They didn't need to work in the fields or help out with the family business, easily spending years upon years studying for the civil examinations which were in a way, sacred. These examinations that many devoted to studying, just so they may have a chance to increase their status in life.

    There were some that failed that chance.

    It wasn't because they did not study hard, but simply because of circumstances they are in.

    Most trips to the capital, where the once in a three-year exam is held, is very expensive, not to mention the travel fees to get there, one would also need food, and a place to sleep to be well rested before such an important exam.

    To the wealthy, they would travel in the best styles, in a comfy carriage all the way to the capital. They would be served the best things and never be worried about a single thing, except studying.

    Most of them actually found it to be torturous, skipping classes any time they could, not realizing how many would be willing to switch places with them, living a life free from worry of food and clothing.

    Xue'er silently smiled as she watched this kind lady teach the children with all her heart.

    But, kind people were rare in this world, was what Gan Tian Chi told her once upon a time. She would never allow the first impression of someone's kindness or someone's cruelty to overrule how she saw a person.


    The sun had begun to set in the town, and the once vibrant markets had slowly begun to set. The town had begun to grow deathly quiet as the shops boarded up their doors for the night.

    Xue'er took this as a sign that she should most likely return back to the place where she would stay the night.

    Back to the inn that was in the winding alleyway. On this night with only but half a moon in the sky, shrouded by dark clouds. The paths of the alleyway were barely visible to the human eye, the moon cast a barely discerning glow upon the broken cobblestone pathway that was dearly in need of a mason.

    With the moving clouds above, one felt as if there were invisible shadows that moving about, serving as a reminder that there were ghosts and demons roaming around amongst the living.

    In this place where all who had a home here would lock their doors tightly, in fear of the strangers getting in.

    But, who would dare come here?
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