61 Simple Pigheaded Official

    Madam Lu sat down directly across from Wang Bo, yet she did not utter a single sound or word. Remaining quite as she tried to work her aged charms on him.

    But that was of little use, as her best years had passed long ago, and what was left of it was nothing more than a middle-aged woman trying to seduce a man who did not have any romantic interest towards her. Added on to the fact that Wang Bo frequently visited the Hundred Flower Hall to have the tender grass, madam Lu practically had zero chances.

    Wang Bo could not do much but hope that this meeting would be as short as possible. Looking upon that face that had been applied with too much makeup, he felt nothing but disgusted towards this woman. If the Hundred Flower Hall wasn't the only brothel in the border town, or he did not have any business with her, he would not wish to lay his eyes on her for even a second.

    "What have you called me for?" Wang Bo asked.

    "Aw, do I need a reason to ask you to meet me? Can't we just meet each other for no reason at all?" She asked, leaning in closer to him until he accidentally inhaled a breath full of her powdered perfume.

    "Ke Ke..." Wang Bo couldn't help but give a few coughs, as his eyes became watery, as though his body had rejected the strange smelling powder, and his body was doing everything possible to get rid of any traces of it from his body.

    Seeing him in such discomfort, madam Lu leaned in closer with a malicious smile. Patting his back, she asked with the worry of a frightened young maiden, "What's wrong, Wang Daren, don't frighten me!"

    She continued to pat his back until she was abruptly pushed away by him. "Don't touch me!" He yelled.

    Wang Bo had gone to the farthest corner that gave him the greatest distance possible from madam Lu. Oh, how great it felt to be breathing clear, uncorrupted air again.

    Madam Lu stopped and allowed to take a few breaths, she truly feared he would kick the bucket if she angered him once again, where was she to find another official who will listen to her orders.

    How was she to face the people that had given her this task?

    Thinking about this, she allowed Wang Bo to catch a few breaths before he sat back down again.

    "What do you want me to do?"

    "Simple." Madam Lu said as she handed him a small slip of paper.

    [So she had already prepared this already.] Wang Bo thought to himself as he glanced over the letter with his utmost care.

    "Isn't this something that you can order your servants to do?" Wang Bo asked through gritted teeth.

    [Such a menial task that could be executed by servants actually fell upon him. What did they take him for? He was at a ninth-ranked official of the great Jin Dynasty, how could he stoop so low as to make a delivery?]

    "My servants won't be able to do it anymore." Madam Lu blandly said as she handed him another slip of folded paper.

    Wang Bo took it and read its contents before his eyes widened as soon as he got to the part stating the government would soon be placing checkpoints in the border town. He felt his hands and body begin to sweat uncontrollably as his body shook.

    Madam Lu was silently observing his every move, as she carefully analyzed this man who was sweating like a pig. She thought she would have to rack her brains in order for her to force him to comply, who knew that with just a slip of paper she was able to scare him so much.

    Truly as people say, a simple pigheaded official who fears death but wanted unlimited gains.

    If he could not handle the penalty why do the crime in the first place?

    "Could it be that his majesty found out? That's why he's ordered for more checkpoints in the border town?" Wang Bo asked, slightly dazed at the notion that his small actions to earn a little money had alerted the higherups to send for more checkpoints at this border town. He had no doubt that the information was reliable because madam Lu had been able to help him with countless matters that even he could not handle.

    Because the border was seen as a useless piece of land that was close to Northern Wei, many officials of the court had refrained from setting up businesses or allowing their families to set up a home here. After all, if a war broke out between Eastern Jin and Northern Wei, the border town would be the first to suffer and suffer the heaviest casualties.

    Aside from that, there were barely any resources here. If one were to say wood, the wood was frozen and dead, the trees could barely grow a leaf. If one were to say soil, the soil was thin and dusty, it was not enough to support the plants that the people of Eastern Jin ate on a daily basis.

    Plus, this place was nearly always chillingly cold, it is said that winters of the north are dreadful, every year the show is high, and there are always a few unfortunate souls that end up starving or freezing to death. The north had always been a barren land that no one had cared for.

    It was only due to no one wanting this place that Wang Bo got assigned here as the magistrate official. At first, he was unwilling, but after time, he realized that it was not too entirely awful. He was able to do whatever he pleased here, without fearing other officials, or the emperor, because the north was so desolated.

    Madam Lu's face was filled with contempt as she watched Wang Bo, who was no different from a chicken ready for slaughter.

    "Wang Daren, do you really think that the officials of the court have time to worry about a corrupt ninth ranking official like you?" Madam Lu asked.

    "Huh, could it be there is another reason for setting up the checkpoints?" Wang Bo felt that what Madam Lu had said was true, and allowed himself to think for a while.
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